Style Up According To The Mood

Style Up According To The Mood

Most people, men and women like to look good on special occasions. For women, looking good even when being casual is important. This is part of creating the ways we are perceived by the world as well as how we see ourselves.

Defining Personal Fashion and Style

There are many ways to define fashion. For most people, fashion is defined as a sense of personal style in clothing and how and when it’s worn. Fashion and style are wonderful ways of creating self-expression. It’s also a great way for a person to look and feel their best. In today’s fast-paced world, creating style can seem like a major task that there is little time for. The good news is that creating style is often as easy as adding a few fashion accessories to a person’s wardrobe and coordinating colour schemes and clothing.

The question for any person that is trying to create personal style is what is “the look” their trying to acquire and what accessories best help define that? Usually, a combination of accessories and clothing items create a “look” which can ebb and flow depending on the season, the weather and the occasion.

Using Color to Accent Clothing

While the design of clothes is important, the colour and fit are also significant in creating style. When it comes to the use of colour, the season often has a significant impact on colour use. Some colours can be easily used at any time of year, while others are more season specific.

The primary colours are often suitable for all seasons. Some colours like brown and the rust colour tones are more traditional fall colours. By contrast, white and the colour hues like baby blue and accents of primary colours like pine green and blended colours like pink, turquoise and coral tend to be more seasonal in nature. Colours can also have more variables depending on the climate a person lives in. For people who live in warmer climates, brighter colours are often worn year-round.

Some hues of reds and blues, as well as the primary colour of red and blue, are great year-round. Colours like cranberry, burgundy, midnight blue and royal blue can be worn year-round as well. Black is a year-round colour that has wide appeal. In fact, fashion accessories in black for hair pieces, shoes, scarves and purses are also very popular.

Proper Fit and Clothing Combinations

It should be noted that the first step in creating a personal style is choosing clothes that fit well and look good. Since most people can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe at once, buying clothing items a few pieces at a time works best. Colour coordinating shirts and blouses with slacks and well-fitting skirts are the first step.

Choosing solid slacks and skirts that are flattering can be a great first step. Once this is done, multi-coloured blouses and shirts that have the same colour as the skirt or slacks in it work great. The same can be applied when buying patterned slacks or skirts. Using solid coloured shirts and blouses that have one of the predominant colours of the skirt or slacks is a great way to match up.

When it comes to multi-coloured slacks, a word of caution is in order. Most multi-coloured slacks do not end up being very flattering unless the person has a smaller frame. This is not the case with skirts and shorts. Multi-coloured skirts and shorts can work well if they fit properly.

A great way to mix things up for style is to have several basic pairs of slacks, a few good skirts and a dozen or so blouses and shirts for each season. This allows for a great combination of wardrobe styles without breaking the bank.

Great Fashion Accessories Help Define Style

Even though fashions are always changing, the good news is that fashion accessories often go with all different types of fashions to help create a better sense of style. In most cases, fashion accessories are so diverse they can be kept for years and used with dressy, sporty and casual wear to add an extra bit of flair.

Buying simple accessories like:scarves, a fashionable tote bag  , a special purse, jewellery, cardigans, vests, hair accessories, sweater wraps, and matching shoes can finish out a look and make it seem very “put together”. These items do not need to be overly expensive and can be purchased at a wide variety of stores.

In fact, in many cases, the investment in accessories is more about the fun of shopping for them and less about the expense. These can also be bought individually without needing to worry about buying a whole new outfit. They are designed to brighten up existing clothes and create a more finished sense of style.

Adding fashion accessories once the basic clothing styles are acquired, can really make the look complete. Matching shoe colors, boots, scarves, hair pieces, handbags, totes and jewellry can really make all styles of clothing casual, sports and dress clothes look their best throughout the year.

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