How To Maintain Your Daily Look

How To Maintain Your Daily Look

Why Maintaining Your Daily Look is Important

Maintaining a clean image is very important in life. People tend to judge individuals on how a person looks whether you like it or not. This is not entirely a bad thing though. There are certain personal things that should always be maintained such as body odor, teeth brushing, hair being tamed, and the list goes on. It is very important to take time out each day to address these things not only for everyone else but also for yourself. Looking great brings a lot of confidence not only while you are at work but also as you go about your daily tasks. You will feel much more confident saying hello to the grocery store clerk or giving a high-five to the mailman that has arrived with mail you had been waiting for.

Think of how you look as a way of branding yourself for the world. Individuals judge you by what you wear and how you wear it. Here’s a fun fact, it takes 0.1 seconds to form a lasting impression of a stranger. That means that someone will determine the type of person you are, whether it is true or not, about as fast at you can blink. This makes it very important to use that 0.1 second window to your advantage.

Consistency plays a huge role in that aspect from the head on down to you toes. The type of shoes you wear, how wrinkled your clothes are, and how clean your hair looks all factor into you appearance. Personal hygiene is a huge one also. Who wants to whisper into a ear filled with loads of wax in it? Take the time to feel great but also look the part as well.

One of the main focus areas that individuals should, and do, spend a lot of time on is the area above your neck. This includes your face, ears, and hair. The face is most common because this is the area where a lot of people tend to look at obviously. This is definitely true when it comes to women. They spend hours shopping for the perfect shades of makeup to make themselves look glamorous all while trying to make it look natural. They may get a lash boost, get their eyebrows arched, their skin exfoliated, and spend tons of money on different other products just to find what works for them. Men do certain things also such as shaving but when it comes to females, sometimes it may seems as if it is life or death. Here are some tips to help maintain your look on a daily basis.

Keep Your Face Clean

First, you would need to figure out what type skin you have. This is important so that you are able to choose the right products. Be sure to wash your face twice a day. Also, pay close attention to your eye area and be sure to stay away from touching your face often as this can spread unwanted bacteria. Lastly, be sure to drink plenty of water each day.

What You Wear Can Define You

Wearing clothes that fit you well and being sure that they are nice and neat can make a huge difference in your appearance. When shopping, try different styles, colors, and ask friends and family for honest opinions. Some colors might bring out your eyes and others may be great for your shape. Never be afraid to experiment.

Smelling Pleasant is a MUST

Nothing is worst that body odor. You can have the best outfit and cleanest face around but if it is hard to stand around you, what is it really all worth. Showering once a day is a bare minimum. You should know when it is time for a shower just by smelling yourself. If not, find a friend and ask them if you feel like you can’t determine yourself. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Your Hands Can Say A Lot

Don’t you just hate it when you ask someone to hand you a plate of food and they have dirt under their nails? It can feel pretty gross to consume what they have touched or handed to you. Be sure to take the time out to keep your nails both trimmed and clean. This goes for your feet as well if you plan on wearing anything that will be exposing them. Trust me, people do take notice.

A Smile Can Go A Long Way

Smiling helps other people smile and a bad one, well, can be a turn off. Be sure to brush your teeth twice a day. Not only is this great for your smile, it is also great for your overall health. Flossing can be tedious but it still must be done. Besides, you never really know what may be stuck between your teeth and you may not have ever noticed.

Never forget that you are a walking billboard for your own brand at all times. Always ask yourself before you walk out of your front door, “How would I treat a person that looked exactly like how I look right now?” Hopefully your answer would be, “Amazingly.”

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