Why Should Girls Have All The Fun?

Why Should Girls Have All The Fun?

The men of our society have always shied away from the words like skin care and grooming. It is only in the recent years that men have started warming up to the concept of grooming and skincare. With various brands coming up with products streamlined to focus on the issues pertinent to the skin of the men, there has been a growth and versatility in the grooming products of men. From the incorporation of activated carbon to essential oils, the ambit of men’s skincare has widened its scope over the recent years. The question regarding the availability of unisex skin care products has been under the focus since long now. In order to answer this question, it is essential to know the minute differences between the male and female skin.

In comparison to the skin of a female, the skin of a male is thicker, firmer and tighter and has more sebaceous glands. This results in the formulation of specific products in order to cater to the specific needs of both the skins. Products such as handmade cream facial cleanser, organic body scrubs and moisturisers satiate the needs of their skin. Products which comprise a combination of ingredients such as lemon and glycerine, orange and coconut oil, tomato and olive oil work the best for their skin type. Even the presence of activated carbon along with the essence of Vitamin E can do wonders to their skin. Their skin suffers a lot due to regular shaving or trimming of facial hair which in turn makes the skin surface coarse. Therefore, the usage of cream based facial cleansers is one essential facet of their skincare routine. Further, the implementation of one heavy duty moisturiser in their skincare regime can resolve the issue of dry and rough skin. Apart from that, slathering sunscreen before venturing out is an unavoidable fragment of their skincare.

Men need to follow a structured skin care routine which facilitates the removal of clogged impurities and proper blood circulation. This can be achieved by religiously cleaning their face with fresh face cleanser for men which contains ingredients like neem or tea tree oil, toning with a combination of aloevera gel and ice and finally moisturising with a heavy duty cream which consists of base ingredients like cocoa butter and the likes. Apart from that, scrubbing twice a week with a concoction of sugar or coffee along with coconut oil and some essential oils would yield spectacular results. Also, an unarguable facet would be the consistent application of sunscreen without any fail, since the effect of sunlight on the skin results in dark spots and uneven skin tone. Therefore, rather than tending to these issues later, it would be a more feasible option to take necessary precautions to prevent the birth of such skin problems.

With the onslaught of globalisation, the world around us has changed in terms of providing a qualitative environment. The rays of sun have turned harsher and the water and the air are laden with impurities. In such precarious circumstances, it is necessary for both women and men alike to take utmost care of their health and skin by implementing an organised and organic skincare regime which benefits them in the long run.

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