Yanmar Mobile Lighting Tower

Yanmar Mobile Lighting Tower

Construction of military base, industrial sites, coal mining pits, construction of highway tunnels, building repairs, construction of wind turbines etc, none of this can function without the help of light towers. Mobile light towers are an essential commodity when it comes to these industrial and other spaces. A light tower is simply mobile equipment that has high intensity electric lamp pivoted on a mast. This seemingly simple equipment serves prime functions and without it completion of work, sustaining of life in camps or any deserted place, or in a wider perspective anything that demands light in darkness for a large space like a camp or military base is not possible without mobile light towers.

The significance of these simple equipment is so large scale that proper functioning of matters is a complete no possible in places that requires it. In a mobile lighting tower, high intensity electric lamps are attached to a mast that is further attached to a trailer, with a generator set to power the lamps. The generator used is normally a diesel generator and the bulbs used are usually metal halide bulbs for high intensity light to light large spaces both indoors and outdoors. Mobile light towers that are powered by battery, solar and even hydrogen are available. These light towers can be used wherever strong, temporary, outdoor illumination is needed. They are commonly used in mining, demolition, motion picture production, emergency services, oil refining or even agricultural sectors.

Safety is the key when it comes to working in any work place and proper lighting is essential for the proper functioning in these outdoor arenas with safety. Efficiency at work place is also depended on proper lighting. Thus light towers ensure these qualities to your work place. The mobility of these light towers ensures proper usage of it and it can be easily towed depending on weather and other factors. They are provided with another electrical point to attach other light tower to it or for other purposes such as welding. Four lights can be installed and they can be operated and switched on and off individually. Thus lighting can be manipulated depending on the need of the customer. The tower is capable of rotating 360 degrees also ensuring maximum usage and convenience for the customer.

If you are in search for dealers to buy mobile light tower, think no further. OVN dealers having several years of experience in trade of equipment and machineries will provide you with nothing but the best quality products. They provide two different models of mobile light towers.

  1. 4×1000 watts Metal Halide Lamps with fuel consumption of 1.6L per hour.
  2. 4×280 watts LED lamps with fuel consumption of 1L per hour.

Apart from being an authorized service OVN dealers are parts provider of Yanmar Engines. Yanmar light towers can be purchased through OVN dealers. Yanmar manufactures products and machineries with strict quality measures and durable standards. Thus products of nothing but the best quality are manufactured by Yanmar engines and sold by OVN dealers in affordable prices making them a favourite among customers.

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