What Equipment Does Every Commercial Kitchen Need?

What Equipment Does Every Commercial Kitchen Need?

If you’re setting up a commercial kitchen, you’ll already have designed a kitchen layout that allows a seamless flow through the preparation areas to the pass. You should also have an understanding of the equipment you’d like and the equipment that’s going to work in the new space. You may dream of a six-burner range, for example, but only have space for a smaller model.

The role of your commercial kitchen

A commercial kitchen is not like a domestic kitchen. It may seem obvious, but understanding the role of the commercial kitchen will help you make clear decisions on all the equipment you need. If you’re running a noodle bar, do you need the same kind of prep area as a burger joint?

Take a walk through every item on your menu so you know the pans, utensils and appliances you need and how you’ll coordinate the prep.

Estimate your volume

If you’re serving chips with everything, you’ll need a commercial fryer. If you specialise in ice cream, you’ll need to invest in a heavy-duty ice cream churn. Ask your chefs to carry out a mock run-through at maximum estimated volume and then revisit your checklist.

Never invest in equipment that won’t meet the demands of your kitchen, however cool the gadget might be. Every commercial kitchen needs commercial warewashers from a trusted supplier like that can cope with the volume of dishes you generate.

Be savvy

Every commercial kitchen needs cooking equipment, refrigeration that meets the volume and safety needs of your kitchen, food preparation equipment, and specialist equipment depending on your business. Don’t forget to factor in cleaning and safety equipment like rubber floor mats, hand gel and fire extinguishers. Only invest in equipment you know will work for your restaurant concept, and be a savvy shopper.

The cost of outfitting a commercial kitchen can quickly blow through your business loan unless you’re smart about balancing the need for new equipment with buying good-quality, second-hand items. Remember that just like a car, commercial kitchen equipment depreciates quickly. Your money may be better spent at an auction, but keep in mind that your appliances won’t be covered by a warranty. An auction can be an excellent way to purchase the small stuff while you invest in crucial new appliances.

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