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Coping With Digestive Issues During The Period Of Pregnancy

Coping With Digestive Issues During The Period Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a roller coaster ride in the life of a woman. The body will change and lead to the transformation of a new person. But sadly some of the hormonal changes can foster havoc on the digestive system leading to various discomforts. Medicine for digestion in pregnancy could provide considerable amount of relief.


Our discussion beings by the topic of poop! This poses to be a common problem but nearly 40 % of women face up this issue when they are pregnant. The main reason why constipation occurs is because of the production of excess amount of hormone. The main function of the hormone is to act as a smooth muscle stimulant. From an evolution point of view, this extra amount of hormone is not a bad thing for the baby. This does help you to maintain the pregnancy and not allow you in proceeding to premature labor.

Below are a series of steps that would help you to get moving

  • When you are on the toilet do not strain. You can even consider the use of a squatty potty
  • Do make it a point that you drink lot of water or to follow gentle exercises to stimulate. At the same time you can think on the lines of drinking pruned juice
  • Do check out the supplement regime? Are you into too much consumption of iron? The iron supplements could be really pulsating. At the same time you can opt for a  paleo diet that is rich in sources of iron. If you are sticking to this diet then you might even not need a supplement.


Heartburn could occur due to the presence of hormone levels. The chilling effects of this hormone holds the stomach acid in proper place leading to heartburn.

It would be really difficult to figure out why you are not producing too much acid in your stomach, as you are going to have a hard time to keep it in the first place. Women complain that the issue of heartburn intensify during the second and third trimester of pregnancy once the growing back dispels the stomach acid and even squeezes up the acid from the comfort zone.

Digestive system medicine is not encouraged at this point of time. You can follow the below methods

  • You can opt for smaller meals that are nutrient dense
  • Eat in a slow manner and chew your food
  • When eating avoid drinking. Excess amount of liquid squeezes in the space and pepper tea is an excellent choice as it would soothe your digestive system
  • After meals sit upright. Do not commit the mistake of going to bed straight after eating. It poses to be a great time to do sitting mediation
  • Wear loose and tight fitting

Nearly 90 % of women face up to some form of food aversion when they are pregnant. Only for a few of them it could pose to be a major cause of concern as for rest it is a part and parcel of pregnancy.

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