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Check Your Blood Pressure In Pregnancy

Check Your Blood Pressure In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a happy thing to happen but it is not easy to deal with the 9 months tenure as one has to keep their body in check very thoroughly and try to prevent any sort of complications there. But still, pregnancy means a lot of mental and physical changes in a woman’s body and hence there are some issues or the other that keep rising.

One such common issue is the rise of blood pressure in the body of a pregnant woman. One needs to keep a check on the heart condition while pregnant and it can fluctuate if the blood pressure level in a human body keeps fluctuating and especially goes up. If the blood pressure in a pregnant woman’s body becomes more or equal to 130/80 then it can be a serious issue.

So the blood pressure level has to be managed well in a pregnant body because otherwise it can not only lead to health complications in the mother but can also affect the baby. Now, what are the things that can cause high blood pressure during pregnancy? Well here are a few causes:

  • Obese or huge body weight.
  • Not getting enough physical activity.
  • Drinking alcohol and smoking.
  • First time pregnancy
  • If there is a family history of hypertension from previous generations.
  • Carrying a twin in the womb.
  • If the mother is above the age of 35.
  • Suffering from diabetes or any other auto immune disease//


If one makes some unhealthy lifestyle choices then it can lead to high blood pressure in pregnancy and if one does not have any physical activity then it can also lead to the same.

Type of pregnancy

Apart from first pregnancy where the chance of facing high blood pressure condition is high, the subsequent pregnancies can be safer. Carrying multiple babies can also be a major cause of hypertension.

High blood pressure during pregnancy can be divided into three different conditions.

Chronic hypertension

There can be some women with pre existing high blood pressure and that means hypertension. It can be termed as a chronic one if they persist after getting pregnant and they needs to be treated with blood pressure medication for pregnancy.

Gestational hypertension

This is what which develops in a woman’s body after they reach the 20th week of pregnancy. This usually gets resolved after the baby is being delivered.

Chronic hypertension with superimposed preeclampsia

Women who suffer from chronic hypertension even before they become pregnant then they can develop preeclampsia. This happens when they experience protein in their urine or some additional complications in their pregnancy progress.

One can buy a blood pressure monitor and keep it at home so that they can monitor their regular blood pressure level when they are pregnant and inform the doctor when they see that the level is high. One needs immediate treatment for this because otherwise they can suffer from preeclampsia which can cause serious damage to the body organs which is definitely not welcome.

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