Squeeze Some Luxury Into Your Mobile Home With A Steam Shower

Squeeze Some Luxury Into Your Mobile Home With A Steam Shower

These days, many modern bathrooms are far more than just places to get clean.  They are private health-and-wellness centres, where people go to unwind and recharge.  The good news is that mobile home bathrooms can be packed with luxury too. Here are five tips to making that happen.

Ditch the tub

The reasons for ditching bathtubs in mobile homes are much the same as the reason for ditching tubs in most site-built homes.  Quite simply, in smaller homes tubs take up a whole lot of space than can be justified by their level of functionality. It’s not just the fact that they take up horizontal floor space, it’s the fact that in practical terms, they hog all the surrounding vertical space as well since you can’t really put storage units (or much else) by the side of a bath.  Up until relatively recently, you could make an argument for holding on to the tub because regular showers just didn’t provide the same degree of luxury, but now steam showers have arrived, those days are gone.  You can get hydrotherapy jets, steam, chromotherapy lights, aromatherapy, a built-in radio with high-quality speakers and so much more, all in a way which maximizes vertical space and minimizes the use of floor space.  These days, it’s just no contest. In terms of both health-and-wellness, luxury and value-for-space, steam showers are now so far ahead of traditional tubs, there’s no contest.

Try to avoid pedestal sinks


In site-built homes, there can be good reasons for using pedestal sinks, especially in cloakrooms.  Occasionally, there are practical reasons why they may be the only choice for certain mobile homes. In general, however, you either want to go for vanity units or wall-hung sinks, usually the former unless it’s really important to you to create a sense of space and you have plenty of storage elsewhere.  The reason for this is that if you really want to create a luxury feel in your mobile home bathroom, you need to avoid visible clutter, the key word in that sentence is visible. If you’re not the type of person who’s ever going to get into the habit of putting everything away as you go (or you live with people like that) then basically you want to work on the principle of “out of sight, out of mind) and stash it away in a vanity unit.  If your problem is that you just don’t have enough storage space then you need to purge and/or create more (concealed) storage, probably both, but realistically, there is a certain level of stuff you need and it’s nice to have a bit of space for what you want.

Invest in a great sink and faucet(s)

Getting rid or your tub (or not putting on in to begin with) will almost certainly free up space, which can allow you to put in a larger sink to give you more room for everyday activities (and more under-sink storage space).  Upgrading your faucet(s) may not sound like a big deal and it’s a very affordable update, but it can really make a huge difference both to the functionality of your bathroom and how luxurious it looks. For example, with a better sink, you might even have space for a gorgeous waterfall tap, which makes even basic handwashing a pleasurable experience.

Provide a comfortable place to sit


Another way you can make use of the space you save by opting for a steam shower over a tub is by providing a comfortable place to sit.  You can make this double as storage space, for example, by using a storage bench or you could purchase a freestanding shower stool as an accessory and this can be used both in and out of the shower, not just in the bathroom but throughout your mobile home, extra seating is always handy and they can also double as small side tables.

Use décor which appeals to the senses

Just like the bathrooms in site-built homes, the bathrooms in mobile homes can be whatever style you prefer, be that ultra-traditional or ultra-modern.  You can achieve luxury with any style of décor and one of the ways to do this is to bring in décor elements which appeal to the senses. For example, in an ultra-traditional bathroom, you could bring in pot pourri in a vintage container, whereas for an ultra-modern one, you could use a chic scent diffuser and for a bathroom with a more natural “Scandi” style, you might bring in textiles with a lot of texture such as burlap.

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