Benefits of video games

Benefits of video games

Technology has touched every aspect of our lives. The technological revolution has led to the rise of video games as a popular means of engagement and entertainment. Children these days are now spending a lot more time playing video games and have stopped going out to play. While some people have hailed this shift in lifestyle, others have criticized it a lot. Whichever side you’re on, you can’t neglect the fact that one way or other video games have become a huge part of your child’s life.

In the midst of this raging debate on whether video games are good for your children or not, we bring you these surprising benefits of video games:

  1. Safe:

Video games are a much safer option than playing on the streets. Moreover, they expose the children to various environments but don’t literally put them in danger.

  1. Exposure:

Video games expose children to a wide variety of environments which they don’t face in their daily lives. This exposure helps them adapt better when such an environment is faced in real life.

  1. Reducing Stress:

Video games help in reducing stress by serving as a medium of distraction and entertainment. Video games have been proven to help people cope with various work-related and emotional stresses in their daily life.

  1. Improving Hand-Eye Coordination:

A player must look at the screen continuously while simultaneously pressing buttons on a controller or keyboard. It leads to improvement in hand-eye coordination over time.

  1. Improving concentration and attention span:

Playing video games requires complete attention and a lot of concentration. Thus, playing these games leads to improvement in the attention span as well as the concentration power over time.

  1. Outlet for Emotions:

Video games serve as a constructive outlet for emotions. They help in providing a release for overwhelming emotions. It has been proven that video games help in reducing aggressive behaviour in children by providing a safe outlet for their anger.

  1. Bonding:

Traditionally, video games were seen as a solitary means of engagement which were meant to be enjoyed alone. With the advent of multiple-controllers and internet gaming rooms, video games became more communal but still lack personal connection. Then, an innovative product known as game trucks came into existence.

The aim of game trucks is to make video games enjoyable without compromising on the bonding aspect of entertainment. Multiple people can now enjoy video games together at gatherings or at birthday parties. Moreover, this technology has received a great boost thanks to professional companies like Gamer vs. Gamer which provide game trucks at affordable rates.

  1. Source for learning:

Video games can serve as a great source for learning various real-life skills which are not taught in textbooks, due to their inherent tendency to attract people towards them. Moreover, certain video games can be designed to impart education to the children.

  1. Good for pain relief:

Video games can be used in a positive way to relieve pain. Since the attention of the player is directed towards the video game, the pain felt by the individual reduces. Even though the effect is psychological rather than physiological, it can still be used as a meaningful therapeutic method.

  1. Could increase memory capacity:

A study published by researchers from the University of California in the Journal of Neuroscience in the year 2015 claims that the engaging environment provided by video games leads to meaningful stimulation which helps in increasing memory capacity.

There you have it folks, these are some of the great benefits that video games have to offer. Love them or hate them, but these facts can’t be overlooked. Keep these in mind while deciding what is best for your children.

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