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Let’s Talk About How To Increase Employee Retention Rates In The Dental Industry

Let’s Talk About How To Increase Employee Retention Rates In The Dental Industry

Due to our aging population, there will be a need for more and more dental professionals to look after the oral health of these people, according to

Because of the increase in the number of positions available, this will more than likely provide current dental professionals with more opportunities to change jobs and move elsewhere to what they see as a better position. It could be the case that it will be more difficult to keep your very best employees. With people leaving comes costs, not only in recruitment, but in the cost of re-training and of lost productivity trying to get the new employee up to speed. What is the best way to keep your employees? Well, it is important to empower them.

Why Empowerment is Important

Research has identified that if you empower your employees, it will not only increase employee motivation, but it will also have a beneficial impact on the confidence of the employees. This in turn will better their performance and make them more happy and content in their jobs, which will improve employee retention.

What other reasons are there for empowering your employees?

Quality of Employee’s Work Increases

When you hand over the responsibility of a task to an employee, which they are solely responsible for, they are more likely to take ownership of the task and make a better job of it in order to impress the management. You will subsequently notice that employees will take greater pride in their work, which will not only benefit the employees, but also patients too.

Increase in Collaboration

The more tasks you hand over to your employees, their empowerment will increase and their confidence will also be boosted. With this added confidence, the employees will be more likely to exhibit teamwork with the aim to share skills and techniques with each other. This is a fantastic way to create a vibrant collaborative culture.

Reduction in Costs

If you empower employees, you will notice that costs will fall too. Empowerment should be seen through the lens of investment. There will be costs in terms of finance and time to train your staff to do new tasks at first, but this will be repaid in spades from a more productive team who are able to take ownership of their tasks. Employees that feel empowered like this will be happier in their job, will be less likely to move elsewhere.

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