7 Tourist Attractions In Hickory, North Carolina

7 Tourist Attractions In Hickory, North Carolina

Hickory, North Carolina is a well-known destination in the states for the travelers who wished to take a break from their lousy lifestyle and enjoy an adventurous escapade. We have provided you with a few detailed options you must consider to choose your next tourist destination.

Baker’s mountain park

Baker’s mountain park offers an array of flora and fauna inherent to the North Carolina Mountains. Located at the highest point in Catawba County, this park showcases around 189 acres of mature Chestnut oak forest.

The hikers can even enjoy the lovely scenery of the Western North Carolina foothills. Various park rangers are also available to guide you for more information.

Glenn C Hilton Jr. memorial park

This tourist destination comes with 5 picnic shelters, 2 playgrounds, lighted and paved walking trail, canoe launch etc. A few minute walk along the river on the boardwalk is quite soothing.

Henry river mill village

It is a small textile village in Burke County which once featured its own self-contained complex with its own mill, dam, water and other facilities.

In present times, the left out buildings mark the bits of the industrial past of the country.

You may even want to check a list of hotels for your stay. Check out the Hickory Hotel Fully Furnished Suites for any information regarding the most comfortable housing options in the beautiful city.

Catawba science center

This science center is a must visit for those who wish to observe various salt and lake water scenery or planetarium theatre. It also offers students an opportunity to engage themselves in interactive trips as well as summer camps. Furthermore, it is also a lovely place for knowledge exploration.

Hickory aviation museum

Hickory aviation museum is known for preserving the important aspects of the Golden age of Aviation. New aircrafts and exhibits are included on a regular period to provide a mode of learning for new generations regarding aviation history.

Lake history haunts

Constantly being ranked in the top 10s, not only in North Carolina, but in overall America, Lake history haunts is known to provide an awe-exciting & immersive atmosphere. It comes with a large body of water, bounded by 10 distinctive haunted sites. It also includes a 50+ minute circuit and an amusing midway.

All this allows it to serve its audience with a chilling and entertaining experience like no other.

River bend park

River bend park bids a delightful involvement of oneself in the aesthetic journey of 19 miles of trails. You can also enjoy the diverse habitat of a variety of wildlife to fresh water lands and upland forests.

One of the most beautiful parts of this park is the Red trail. It is a 6 km trafficked loop trail which runs along a river and is used as a pathway for walking, hiking and nature trips. It is mostly shaded and is mostly covered with flat and hilly landscapes.

Thus, these are the 7 attractive tourist destinations one must find time to visit while traveling to Hickory. These sites are indeed a combination of excitement, fun and a stimulating experience.

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