Clearwater Florida Fishing Information

Clearwater Florida Fishing Information

People that love to fish will enjoy a visit to Clearwater, FL.  In Clearwater, the water is excellent for more than just the beautiful scenery, it is prime for fishing and boating adventures.  People that make Clearwater, FL their destination will enjoy hours of the great fishing that can make for some fantastic catches.

What Can You Expect To Catch In Clearwater

People are excited when they fish off the shore in Clearwater, FL.  There is an abundance of species that you can try to catch while you are experiencing an awesome time on the waters of Clearwater.  People find that the Red Grouper are easy to catch, and spring is the perfect time to enjoy fishing in this area. For catches of 28 – 33 inches, you will enjoy catching Snook during the season.  Red Fish, Trout, and Tarpon are also fantastic options during the spring. That is just a sampling of what you can expect to readily catch, not to mention Tuna, Pompano, Amberjack, and Mai Mai (Dolphin Fish).

What Type Of Bait Should You Use?

You will find that in Clearwater, the preferred baits are Threadfin Herring, Scaled Sardines, Grass Grunts, Ladyfish, and Pinfish.  These will give you the best opportunities to catch what you want. You will also have the ability to use any type of artificial bait that you want.

Fishing Trips Galore At Clearwater, FL

You can take a fishing trip with privately owned Clearwater FL, fishing charters or just try it yourself.  In Clearwater, you will have your choice of a great variety of options to take advantage of.  Prices will vary according to the length of time you wish to go out for, the company you go with, and the number of people you have in your group.  You can pay for the trips by cash, check, or credit card, whichever you prefer. It is a good idea to make reservations ahead of time so that you can reserve your spots.

The Perfect Rod For Fishing In Clearwater, FL

Fishing in Clearwater, you will want to have an 8-foot rod for the perfect day.  It should be able to hold 400 – 500 yards of the line for the ultimate catches. Fishing all year round is great but some seasons are better for different species.  Don’t worry because any time that you fish in Clearwater, you are bound to have an enjoyable and exceptional time.

When Visiting Clearwater For Fishing, Make Sure That You Plan Your Trip Right For Safety

Anyone in your group that can’t swim should always wear a life jacket at all times. The young and older people will want to wear one too. There should always be enough life jackets for everyone on your fishing craft.  Staying safe is important. Have water, food, cell phone, and all other protective needs for your group with you. Make sure that everyone knows about water safety when you are going to be out on the open waters.

By always dressing for the weather, people that love to fish can enjoy the Clearwater options to the fullest.  Taking along a jacket will give you warmth on the cooler and windier weather fronts. The days and even the nights can be spent on the water enjoying their favorite sport.  If you love fishing, then you want to visit Clearwater, FL to get in the best fishing that the state has to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised and pleased at all the options you will have to consider.  Not only will you have great catching opportunities, but you will also make plenty of great memories on your trip.

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