Why Are People Switching From Taleo To Freshteam

Why Are People Switching From Taleo To Freshteam

For organisations choosing recruitment software might not easy. There could be a plethora of questions which might occur and a reoccurring thought if the software can really help them practically. Or what if the system fails and not productive enough to cater to the need? Therefore, companies do a lot of research before they finalise one which can fit their bill. 

But how to decide? What are the features which can change the game, or can it be customized? 

The foremost thing is to keep in mind that software should ease your job and complex. It shouldn’t be costing so much to your pocket can resolve transactional workload, hiring collaboration etc. And ultimately getting you the best of talent in a more systemised way! Taleo is one of the best software, which is being used widely. But, is there any alternative if it doesn’t work with you? A Taleo alternative?

So, if you’re looking for a workable alternative to suit your hiring needs, your recruiters, and as well as your wallet then Freshteam is the best alternative you can have.

It comes with multiple benefits which are user-friendly, workable and customized. 

Easier set up and trial: One can easily sign up for a free 21-day trial and get started in as little as five minutes. You can always put the product on experiment and check if it’s working as per your requirement.

Support system: Freshteam has its own support-team who is always standing by to help you out at all time. They have all the answers right when you ask them.

Easy to use: Freshteam is completely user-friendly and intuitive. There is no need to train your employees or going through an extensive training program to use the software.

Focused on recruitment: They are placed in such an easy way that one can find it effortlessly. The built-in feature has all the understanding and how one can use it.

No extra charge: With Freshteam, there are no hidden charges and you pay for exactly what you see. They do have a great start-up plan- have a try!

Considering the other competitors available in the market, Taleo is one of them. But here also Freshteam has better feature and that’s why people are switching from Taleo to Freshteam. Don’t forget to choose the application that should solve your purpose and other crucial priorities, not the software with the strongest features.

Here are the major points

Performance score: Today every organisation needs the most effective Applicant Tracking Software product to remain competitive, in the market. If you go by overall scoring value, which rates the software general quality and performance then Freshteam got a 9.2 score, while Oracle Taleo Business Edition has a score of 8.4. 

Pricing: Freshteam pricing model is more convenient than Taleo. They do have a free trial model and annual subscription which is nowhere available on Taleo.

Features: Freamteam has loads of feature like Applicant tracking, Recruitment CRM, a comprehensive dashboard,  interview feedback, Personalised engagement, contextual conversations, collaborative hiring, job posting management,  employment referral, notification, and more.

Taleo has only limited features like compensation, performance management, recruiting, career and succession plans.

Integrations: Freshteam integrated from other products from the Freshworks family, and all other social media channels. Freshteam also supports integration with Gmail, google calender, codepair, google hangouts,  classmarker, hackerrank, skype interviews etc

While Taleo offers integration with learning performance, and compensation management systems.

Devices: Freshteam can be available on Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, Mac, and Web-based platforms. While Taleo is limited to Android, iPad, and web-based platforms.

Language support: As most of the companies are global where language plays a key role and at any point in time that shouldn’t be the problem when they think of recruitment software. Taleo has only English support while Freshteam offers multiple language options like German, French, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Company size: Taleo is limited to work in small and medium-size companies while Freshteam has its own versatility to work in any type of organisation.

As far as the support system is concerned, then both have a similar setup but still considering the various added benefits one can get from Freshteam is much higher than Taleo. Given any organisation, if they want to have a trial and then considering the software Freshteam takes a lead. 

The very first point where most of the decision happens is costing. They provide free trial without costing anything and one of the best things to make others aware of the product. The customisation, language benefit and multiple features make it stronger than any other competitor.

Author Bio: Jayakumar Muthusamy is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process

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