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Varicose Vein Timeline: When Is The Perfect Time To Undergo Treatment?

Varicose Vein Timeline: When Is The Perfect Time To Undergo Treatment?

If your surgeon thinks that you are in need of incisional varicose veins treatment then you will choose winter as the best season to go for. This is the right time when the surgery of varicose-vein can be successfully conducted. All your incisions will get completely hidden during this time and the healing process will get highly accelerated.

Reasons for choosing winter for incisional therapy of varicose veins:

  • Compression-stockings have been recognised as one of the most important aspects of varicose veins treatment Manchester. During summers these stockings cannot be easily worn but during winters patients will face no difficulty in wearing the same even for the whole day long. The necessary warmth will get preserved as a result of which you will be able to receive absolutely desirable impacts from varicose treatment.
  • Incisions will be protected during winter seasons. Topmost skin layer when being treated with ultraviolet-rays become weak for reducing elasticity. Vein-surgery often brings increased bleeding risk, long recovery times and increased bruising due to bruising. Since your treated area will remain fully converted during winters, therefore, the chances of infection can be reduced on one hand and on the other hand faster recovery can be expected. Moreover, the harmful impacts of UV-rays can also be efficiently avoided in this case as a result of which your skin will never become darkened.
  • During winters you can get an opportunity of taking a sufficient amount of rest. During winters people usually feel less active or lethargic and thus they feel to rest for most of the times. This is really good for the patients undergoing the surgery of varicose veins as it will bring speedy post-surgical recovery. Faster healing will enable patients to avoid unwanted complications. On the other hand, treated veins will gain enough strength due to adequate rest.
  • If you have varicose-vein then you must be aware of this fact that the trouble becomes horrible during the cool climate. Therefore, most patients take the decision of having incision at this point of time only for getting rid of the pathetic condition. Moreover, the surgical incision of this vein will successfully get completed during cool weather.

February and January can be chosen as the two most prominent colder months when the treatment of varicose-vein can take place successfully. This is why most experienced surgeons choose any of these two months for dealing with the task of the surgical incision.

If you want to enjoy your summer with your family then you have to get varicose veins treatment Manchester done within the winter timing only. In most of the cases, doctors recommend patients to avoid sun exposure for at least three-four weeks after this surgery and during winter abiding this instruction are very much possible for the patients.

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