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John Kang Liquidmetal – The Benefits Of Liquidmetal For Dental Equipment

John Kang Liquidmetal – The Benefits Of Liquidmetal For Dental Equipment

Liquidmetal is used in dental equipment primarily because it is bio-compatible and hypoallergenic. Liquidmetal alloys contain atoms that are of different sizes that result in a dense mix. If you closely examine Liquidmetal, you will find that it is more or less similar to glass. The viscosity of Liquidmetal drops slowly when the temperature increases. It retains this form and its amorphous properties even after the heat is removed.

John Kang Liquidmetal – Why is Liquidmetal a desirable material?

John Kang is an esteemed businessman in the medical industry and has expertise in the field of Liquidmetal. He says that Liquidmetal is fast becoming more and more popular in industries across the world. The John Kang Liquidmetal team of experts say that Liquidmetal has more or less entered every industry and is highly in demand when it comes to the manufacture of fine metal products.

The unique properties of Liquidmetal

If you examine Liquidmetal closely, you will find that is has a lot of desirable benefits that include high tensile strength, excellent resistance to corrosion, good anti-wearing traits and a very high coefficient of restitution. Liquidmetal can be molded into unique shapes that are precise no matter how small the shape might be. It needs the use of no machines and does not display the crystalline weakness prevalent in other metals when it comes to manufacturing unique shapes of all sizes.

Its use and advantages in several industries

The John Kang WebMD specialists say that Liquidmetal is widely used in the automobile industry, aerospace, military, luxury watches, and cutlery sectors. However, it is now making its foray into the dental industry and becoming quite popular there. There is dental equipment like Isolite that need materials that are bio-compatible, light in weight, strong and hypoallergenic in nature. It is here that Liquidmetal has stepped in and is now used in the manufacturing process of Isolite 3 that features a unique polymer that needs to be clear and soft so that the dental specialist can monitor the airway of a patient. This apparatus is kept in a housing cast and is made out of Liquidmetal.

Isolite and dental instruments

The housing cast of Isolite is a very important part of this instrument, and if Liquidmetal is used in its manufacturing process, no damage is caused to it by the use of hospital disinfectants. Liquidmetal helps isolite keep a steady sheen throughout the whole procedure. The housing of Liquidmetal is light in weight and is comfortable for the patient to wear. It is strong in nature and helps in the prevention of damage and injuries.

The John Kang Liquidmetal specialists add that dental isolation products that are manufactured from Liquidmetal are over 15% stronger over other instruments of a similar type made with regular titanium alloys for medical implants and devices. Besides the above, the amorphous molding process of Liquidmetal produces better parts over CNC machine processes. Liquidmetal removes a lot of restrictions posed by other processes and improves parts making them better, stronger and simpler to manufacture.

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