Make Your Car Ravishing By Applying The Best Car Paint

Make Your Car Ravishing By Applying The Best Car Paint

The most important decision while buying a vehicle is choosing its color. It is also one of the most difficult tasks, because color provides the complete look to your car. If you make a mistake in choosing the color of your car, the whole look and beauty of your car will go in vain. We do not have to choose only the color of the car but all the various types of paint finishes which gives the car it’s actual look. 

There are a lot of paint colors available for us out there, all we need to do is choose the correct type of car paint colors for giving our vehicle the perfect classy look that we need. Let’s have a look at various types of paint colors available in the market:-

  • Solid

Most of the cars use this solid paint finish, this is one of the standard paints available for us. Only a limited choice of solid colors are available like the basic white, red color, blue and black. Under these colors, there are also multiple shades to select from. 

So, if you want to choose the correct color without spending any extra expense, then this is the one ideal for you. Solid finish paints are free because they are very simple to manufacture or produce. 

  • Metallic

These paints shine much brighter than the standard colour paints. Applying this paint might add a little extra cost on the car. The shine of this paint is extracted from a little amount of aluminium powder that is blended into the paint. There are various layers of paint and lacquer which adds the extra cost.

This paint color looks the best under direct sunlight and also shines on a dull day. You need to wash these cars more carefully and take proper care of them. This paint makes the car look more classy and boosts up its price. 

  • Pearlescent

This paint shines even much brighter than the metallic colors, it costs the same extra as the metallic color. The common manufacturers do not have a variety of these colors and the popular brands will provide you with plenty of shades in this paint color. This is made by the crystals of ceramic present in the paint which helps in both reflecting and refracting the light.

This color will provide you with a depth that cannot be matched even by the metallic. Under bright light, the lighter shades of this paint appear to be of different colors when looked from different angles. The only disadvantage it has is that it is more prone to scratches and dirt. 

There are many other car paint colors available in the market like matte and other special colors. But, the ones mentioned above are used the most in the market. They give a decent look to your car, the final choice obviously belongs to you.

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