Does The Order Of Your Skin Care Routine Matter?

Does The Order Of Your Skin Care Routine Matter?

The order of your skincare really does matter! Applying the skincare products orderly helps the skin to gain a sufficient amount of benefits. The products used for skin care have their own beneficial properties that improve the texture of the skin. Also, it makes the skin healthier and lively. The texture of each skin product is made in a way that can reach the definite layer of the skin. Hence, experts recommend applying skin products to maintain healthy skin.

Every step to apply skincare products has its own benefits. Here is the step by step skincare routine for day time:-

  • Cleansing  Cleansing helps you to remove all the makeup products that you were wearing the whole day. It does no harm to the skin, hence, wipes of all the products used on the skin. You can opt for using cleansing oil or face wash based on your skin type.
  • Toner – Toner is like a blessing to your skin. It helps to treat dry skin and pulls out extra dirt from your skin. You are recommended to use gentle and soothing toner to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. It is also beneficial for alpha skin care as it helps in unclogging pores and preventing breakouts.
  • Serum – Serums have the tendency to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. It penetrates through the skin and helps to prevent acne. Serums contain the active properties that help to maintain the smoothness and brightness of the skin. You can opt for using oil-based serums according to your skin type (dry to normal skin).
  • Eye cream – Eye creams are useful for preventing the wrinkles around the eye area. As the area around the eye is more sensitive, applying eye cream will help to improve the texture of the skin. Besides it is also beneficial in reducing the puffiness of the eye. Containing moisturizing elements, eye creams work great on the dryness of the area around the skin to give you alpha skin care. 
  • Moisturizer – Moisturizer works as a barrier over the skin. It helps to enclose the skincare products applied underneath. This helps skincare products stay for a longer time and work effectively. You can use a lighter moisturizer that is oil-free depending on the skin type (oily skin) or can opt for using an oil-based one. Make sure to use the moisturizer that has SPF 30 in it to avoid applying sunscreen as one more product.  

Following these steps as ordered in points, will help you keep your skin healthy. Apart from these make sure to eat healthy food that contains vitamins. This will add specific health benefits inside the body. 

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