How To Design A Timber Bathroom?

How To Design A Timber Bathroom?

Bathroom spaces are the most difficult ones to design and decorate with. There are so many style and design options available in the market that you might get decision-paralysis while choosing any one for your bathroom space. However, if you don’t want anything prominent but elegant and classic, then you can keep your hands-on timber with closed eyes. Timber of pine or cedar, or Mahogany or Sheesham are strong and durable and they have the right blend of color and shine that blends well with any type of interior. 

Timber Is Good For Dry Areas In Your Bathroom

You must have heard that timber is not good for areas that often remain wet. However, if you use the timber that is properly finished and sealed, then you can install in any corner of your bathroom space. You can create a full-fledged timber bathroom by installing timber vanity, timber benchtop, shelves made of timber, and timber accessories. Your overall cost for designing timber bathroom will depend on what type of timber are you going to use and where are you going to use it. Timber is eco-friendly and it does not give any fume or smell out when you install it, and a timber bathroom lasts long and it gives you the best value for money. 

Some Tips For Using Timber In Bathroom

Although, it is completely fine to use timber in your bathroom. But, to be on safer side and better longevity of timber, it is recommended to follow some basic tips to enhance the lifespan of your timber bathroom.

  • In order to avoid warping or rotting of timber, you need to make sure that timber is sealed properly with right type of waterproofing coating. Over the time, this coating or sealant might wear down, so you need to reapply them periodically to maintain the timber in good condition.
  • If possible, then try to use timber veneers rather than solid timber. These timber veneers are treated strategically to provide high water resistance as compared to solid timber. When it comes to pricing and quality maintenance then these are some of the finest types that you can use for your bathroom. 
  • Always try to use timber as a centre feature in your bathroom rather than designing your whole bathroom with too much of timber. Too much of timber will make it look out of fashion and trend.

Tips To Design A Timber Bathroom

Designing a timber bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use too much of timber. It simply means that you include some unique timber furniture in your bathroom space to make it a centre piece of attraction. Some different types of timber furniture that you can include in your bathroom are listed below.

  • Timber Vanity – This is one of the simplest yet elegant ways to design a timber bathroom. Installing a simple timber vanity will accentuate the beauty of your bathroom by adding a touch of warmth and luxury. You can simply extend the timber vanity all along one wall and provide space for open storage. 
  • Timber Accessories –You can choose to install a simple and sleek timber bath caddy that will serve its practical functionality and look beautiful also. 
  • Place timber finish items in a group – If you want to create a strong impact of timber bathroom, then place few timber finish items grouped together at one place. For instance, club together a simple timber vanity, wall mounted mirror with timber frame and wooden pendant lights, to create a beautiful timber environment.

Always use timber to highlight the main features of bathroom rather than using it in every nook and corner of the bathroom space. Timber bathrooms are now installed in maximum modern homes, in commercial spaces like cafes and shopping malls, as it has a tremendous individual appeal. 

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