Let’s Talk About Improving The Candidate Experience

Let’s Talk About Improving The Candidate Experience

Whenever there is a new job opening at a firm, the HR department is expecting a lot of CVs to come in, says For that to happen, it’s important for them to emphasize how long the recruitment process can take. It is often considered a long and time-consuming process that is consuming a lot of effort and time from both sides. In today’s fast-paced generation, it is crucial to provide the best candidate experience possible to avoid any mishaps and unfortunate incidents. Companies should realize that the recruitment process is done in steps and every step should be carried out in a certain manner with fairness and transparency. If they fail to do so, this can become a problem in a distant future as the organization’s reputation and rules will definitely be questioned. Getting a bad review or negative comments isn’t that difficult nowadays. Social media can make anything viral within minutes therefore it’s important to stick by the rules and treat everyone and everything fairly. 

It’s been reported by studies that 75% of candidates end up telling their family, friends and professional colleagues, about their negative experience during the recruitment process. This can cause those people to think twice before applying for a job in the future.

As a company, you want to make sure you never face such a problem. Listed below are 3 different ways you can ensure the recruitment process is smooth and hassle-free for both sides. 

Candidates should be well informed

The candidate takes out their time to apply so when they do apply for a new job opening, it is super important to communicate effectively with the candidate on all the information. It is crucial that they are up to date with the process and progress of their recruitment. One of the major reasons many candidates face a negative experience is because the organization or the firm they’re applying to fails to inform them of the progress of their application. If the candidate doesn’t know the status of their application, they lose interest and feel neglected. This can create a bad image for your company.

Always be considerate and polite

This technique is very welcomed in any field of work. It is cheap to implement and easy to use. You want to make sure that because u represent your company, you should be on your best behavior. Even If the potential candidate fails to make it in the end, it is your job to thank them for applying and taking out their time. Also, it will create a good image for your organization if you wish them good luck in the future. You don’t want to lose potential future employees by not caring about them. You want the potential finalists to apply again in the future in case of future job openings, therefore it is important to be polite and update them on their progress throughout. 

Improve the Candidate experience

Take feedback from your current employees to find out about how their candidate experience went. You can do it anonymously too. This will make sure you highlight those areas in the recruitment process which need improvement. It also improves employee and management relationships.

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