A Simple Guide To Tax-Efficient Trust Formation

A Simple Guide To Tax-Efficient Trust Formation

We all work hard every day for our money. Our goal is to live a good life in our young age and in retirement. We also want to leave our children a great life. We want them to have the best. Unfortunately, most wealthy people make the simple mistake of not preparing for their post-death life. In this article, we will look at the idea of estate planning and trust formation and how good lawyers like PageCorp Group can help you. 

Why Estate Planning is Important

Many wealthy people spend their entire lives running their businesses. They become very wealthy because of their sacrifices in life. The goal is for them to live a good life in their young age and in their latter years. They also want their children to live a good life in future. Most importantly, they want their assets to be well-taken care of when they are past gone. Also, they want divisions to be avoided when they are no longer there. The aim of this is to avoid a situation where their children damage the empires they build. All these are the main benefits of estate planning. 

Estate planning is usually confused as coming up with a will. A will is a relatively simple document that shows how a diseased wealth will be distributed. On the other hand, estate planning is a process where a person carefully decides how the assets will be distributed and managed in future.

Lawyers in Estate Planning

A lawyer is very important when you are planning your estate. In fact, there are lawyers who focus solely on this section of the law. An experienced lawyer can help you in a number of ways. First, they can help you come up with the documents required in the formation of a trust. Second, the lawyer can help you commission the documents. In most countries, lawyers are used to commission oaths these oaths. This is the reason why it is easy for people to contest a will. Third, lawyers who focus on estate planning can help you come up with a good tax strategy. In most countries, there is an inheritance tax. In a country like Japan, the inheritance tax can be as high as 50%. In France, it can be as high as 45%. No one likes to pay these taxes. Therefore, a qualified and experienced attorney can help you navigate this situation. A good Cyprus lawyer can help you redomicile your trust to a low-cost country.

Trust Administration

A lawyer can also help you in trust administration. This is the process where these attorney’s administer the assets that have been left. For example, if you want your wealth distributed to charity, a good attorney can help you with that. Also, attorneys can help you distribute your wealth to various investment managers. This is the main reason why foundations still exist of wealthy people who died many years ago. 


Trust formation and estate planning is more than coming up with a last will and testament. There are other details that go into forming a formidable process. For example, you want a situation where you pay less in taxes. Having a good attorney can help you navigate this situation.

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