Rugby Hospitality And Other Great Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Rugby Hospitality And Other Great Corporate Entertainment Ideas

Private events organised by organisations and enterprises that involve their employees, clients and prospective clients constitute corporate hospitality or corporate entertainment events. These events are essential to have an informal and fun way of interacting with each other, strengthening interpersonal bonds and team building are the main aims of such events. These events can also be organised to honour the contribution of some employees and the patronage of esteemed clients. These are also great ways to attract potential clients.

Sports events like rugby hospitality events have been a mainstay of such programs. These days, event planners are coming up with great ideas for corporate hospitality that ensure that the guests and hosts enjoy the events. In the following sections, the various ideas about hosting such corporate entertainment programs are discussed.

Wining and dining

Gala dinners have been regarded as a symbol of luxury. These are the most conventional types of corporate hospitality events and very successful ones too. Despite being one of the oldest kind of events, they are still regarded as one of the most impressive and effective ways to mingle with the staff and clients. Social mixers and pre-dinner parties are popular inclusions to the traditional dinner event, and are hugely popular.

Award ceremonies

Arranging an award ceremony is a great way to felicitate employees who have been an integral part of the company, or commemorating clients for their continued patronage. These events not only allow a social mixing up, but also make the employees and clients feel special. It is not uncommon for organisers to club award functions with dinner events for a complete experience.

Sports events

This type of corporate hospitality events remains among the most popular ones. Organisations make use of the fact that sports are a universal favourite and people tend to enjoy such events like rugby hospitality, where planners offer the best beat seats, a delectable menu and ensure that the participants get the thrill of a high action game.

Gathering for a picnic

A personalised touch can be added to corporate hospitality events by organising a staff and clients picnic together at an appropriate place. The participants may be asked to bring one food item reflecting their cultural heritage. Alternatively, professional caterers may be arranged for a standardised and hassle-free running of events.

Chocolate tasting or wine tasting

An increasingly popular way to have a corporate hospitality event is to arrange a wine tasting tour or chocolate tasting tour with the clients and employees. This gives them the time to experience something very unique and they tend to appreciate this fact.

Themed outdoor gatherings

An exciting and fun way to have these events is to organise themed outdoor gatherings and ask everyone to follow the theme. Planners provide a large variety of themes to choose from. The décor, food and costumes are provided keeping the theme of the event in mind.

The hospitality industry is becoming multifaceted and growing tremendously. Corporate hospitality programs like rugby hospitality have an important role to play in building the employer-employee and business-customer relationship.

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