Lanyard Is Greatly Used Versatile Accessory

Lanyard Is Greatly Used Versatile Accessory

Sometimes, the simplest things and objects turn out to be the most versatile. Do you remember those strap-like objects that have a clip at the end to attach identity cards, and are usually hung around the neck of many school-going or university students, or of employees of a company? Similar straps are also worn by officials on special duties and organisers of concerts and other public events. These straps or cords are known as lanyards and are one of the most versatile objects we find around us. There are plenty of manufacturers of lanyards UK who create different types of accessories. Let us have a look at some of the most popular and common uses of these straps.

Holders for electronic equipment

Have you noticed that your digital camera or video recording device comes with a small loop through which you attach a safety cord? You slide your hand in this cord while clicking photographs or making videos. This ensures that if the device slips from your hand, it will not fall on the ground, but remain hanging in your hand. Such cords are available for flash drives, smartphones, gaming consoles, MP3 players and many other electronic devices. These cords make it less likely for you to drop or lose these expensive electronic devices.

Promotional merchandise in mass events

A very effective way by which manufacturers of lanyards UK use these cords is for marketing their client’s name at mass events like conferences, meetings and corporate events like team building exercises. Because of their ease and low cost of production, these cords can be made in bulk, with the logo or brand name printed or embossed. These cords are then used as promotional giveaways and are an excellent marketing strategy.

Gear for outdoor activities

Adventure enthusiasts who indulge in a lot of outdoor activities like hiking and camping are often seen with lanyards of different kinds. These lanyards are typically made from materials like nylon, that makes them resistant to rough weather and handling conditions. Since these persons have a lot of stuff to carry, they like to use all sorts of cords for different purposes, from keeping things in their proximity to grouping and segregating stuff.

Identification of students and employees

Cords with a clip attached at its end are frequently used in schools, universities and many companies to identify their students and employees, respectively. The clip serves to attach their identity cards or access badges and make a visible identification mark. Differently coloured cords are used to segregate different classes, batches, or ranks within an organisation.

Many reputed schools, universities and corporate offices order personalised cord form manufacturers of lanyards UK. These cords have the name or the logo of the school/ university or company that can be either woven, printed or embossed on to the strap.

A gear as simple as a cord can be transformed into a multipurpose accessory. In addition to the above-mentioned uses, lanyards are also used to secure keys, uniform accessories and as accessories for safety purposes.

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