How Are Technical Glass Products Finding Their Way Into The Medical Industry?

How Are Technical Glass Products Finding Their Way Into The Medical Industry?

Technical glass products have long been looked at as a possible means of replacing traditional raw materials for manufacturing personal health products and medical devices, specifically, implants. Bioactive glass is one of the most preferred technical glass products that find extensive demands and applications in the medical industry.

Bioactive glass is a synthetic material that is clinically proven to help and aid in the healing processes of both hard and soft tissues in the human body. It exhibits antifungal and antimicrobial properties, increases vasculature activity, and helps in enhancing the human body’s ability to clot blood if there is a rupture in a vein or there is a case of internal hemorrhage.

Due to its unique nature and plethora of benefits, bioactive glass is one of the most preferred technical glass products that find extensive use in the manufacturing of several sensitive and critical medical devices.

The benefit of Using Bioactive Technical Glass Products in the Medical industry

Bioactive glass is known for its low durability to chemicals meaning when put inside the human body, an implant made of bioactive glass works the way it is supposed to be chemically degrading itself in the body fluids. It, in turn, releases its ionic constituents so that it can help in repairing surrounding tissue thereby accelerating the healing process.

The released ions from bioactive glass implants have several benefits associated with them that mainly is therapeutic functions that take place at the site of the implant. Bioactive glass finds extensive use when a patient is in need of cell regeneration in bone tissue or if one has suffered a fracture.

Bioactive glass recruits stem cells so that the rate of the healing process is increased by many folds.  There are several other benefits of using bioactive glass implants in the human body which includes anti-inflammatory properties and anti-microbial properties that optimizes the healing process.

The future for Technical Glass Products in Medical Industry

Advanced processing techniques like composites, 3D printing, etc. are all in the works of finding new ways how bioactive glass can be used in the medical sector. If one looks closely, the future for bioactive glass implants is promising since it is one of the few components known to man that can help in accelerating the human body’s ability to heal itself. Bioactive glass implants also increase the longevity of internal organs and muscle tissue thereby increasing one’s chances of leading a long and healthy life. The advancements, research, and developments that are taking all over the globe in the sector of technical glass products, specifically bioactive glass, is opening new avenues for medical professionals to use the same in ways no one has ever imagined!

Medical device manufacturers are always on the lookout for new and promising solutions to problems that plague the medical industry. Technical glass products find itself in the R&D wing of several research laboratories around the world where the same is being used for testing the efficacy of neuro-stimulators for treating conditions like sleep apnoea. All in all, the future looks good for bioactive glass implants!

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