Chain Wire Fencing: A Reliable Security Solution For Your Property

Chain Wire Fencing: A Reliable Security Solution For Your Property

As anyone with concerns for security can testify, a fence goes a long way in securing your property and assets. Chain wire fencing is based on the process used by cloth weaving machine and the technology has remained largely unchanged since its inception. The pattern created by the zigzag placement of enforced steel wire is diamond shaped and has very high tensile strength.

The manufacturing process involves weaving a galvanised metal wire around a rotating blade which creates a spiral structure. These spirals are interlinked to form a nigh-unbreakable structure which is then installed through driving posts in the ground and attaching the mesh to them to form a canopy.

Chainwire Fencing is an extremely versatile solution for all boundary related applications. Whether you are looking to create a fence between two properties or merely trying to enclose your own private property in a secure fence, wire-fencing is the most viable option for you.

The process of chain-fencing finds use in a number of industries. Apart from the usual fencing along industrial environments which generally involve high-grade steel fencing and barbed wire over it for maximum security, it also has several unconventional uses like backstops in baseball and cages used in professional wrestling and MMA. As stated earlier, the technology behind it remains relatively unchanged but the uses have expanded to join a number of things.

Chain-Fencing can also be used to mark boundaries or international borders. These fences are almost impenetrable and quite large in size. Wire fencing has umpteen uses. These include domestic purposes like window guards, tree guards and access gates. It is also important to consider that in large scale facilities like prisons and farm storage enclosures, these fences are sometimes electrified for maximum security. Apart from high tensile steel used in large installations, a number of other galvanised metals are also used in places like children’s parks and zoos.

In fact, Chain wire fencing is almost ubiquitous and can be found in almost all government facilities, private warehouses, farms and other containment areas. It is interesting to note that a technology that can be considered primitive by today’s standards is still widely used. This alone makes wire fencing one of the most important inventions of the nineteenth century.

If you need a wire fence for any purpose, you should consider a few things. The wire should be PVC coated if you are installing it in a children’s park or school to avoid injury. All structures can be customised to your personal needs and different projects require different types of fences. Your fencing contractor should also be well informed and should be able to educate you on the different kinds of fences that are available. Fences can be bothersome, especially if you are unaware of the processes and materials involved in creating a sturdy fence. Along with the different materials available for manufacturing fences, the tensile strength and durability of the materials is also a major factor. Ask your local contractor for more details about wire fences before you install one.

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  1. This blog not only talks about chain wire fencing as a reliable security solution for any property, but also about how easy to install and can be customized to fit your specific needs. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to secure your property, chain wire fencing is the perfect option !

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