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A New Backbone For The People With Mobility Impairment

A New Backbone For The People With Mobility Impairment

The people who are impaired often lose confidence in themselves as every time they had to accompany a helper while moving from one place to another. Technology has brought a new revolution in the lives of many and so physically impaired are no exceptions. Everyone has the right to enjoy their freedom and so mobility scooter acts as a new backbone to those with mobility impairment.

Types of Mobility Aids

Nowadays a large number of aids are available in the market that assists an impaired person to become independent. Here is a list of the helping aids.

  • Walkers: A walker is considered to be a stable aid which helps a person to walk without the support of any individual. Not only impaired person but an elder people who are unable to walk can make use of it.
  • Crutches: It is a nice aid for those who are suffering from temporary leg injuries or those with a permanent disability. It assists in transferring the weight of legs into the upper portion of the body.
  • Scooters: A mobility scooter is taken as an advanced version of a wheelchair. These scooters are powered by batteries and are equipped with steering wheels and foot plates. It is useful for those who have low upper body strength.

Benefits of Using Mobility Aids

One of the major problems that an older person or a disabled person faces is in terms of accessibility. It becomes quite difficult for an immobile person to move around and get into a public transport. In such situations, mobility aids become an important medium for such people. Some of its benefits have been enlisted below:

  • Complete freedom: An old or a disabled person tends to get irritated by the fact that they are dependent on someone else and this feeling depresses them. Mobility aids are helping such individuals to lead a normal life.
  • Easily operable: The mobility equipment can easily be used and operated by an individual.
  • Protection from injuries: When a person with limited mobility tries to walk on their own they get hurt and in such cases, the mobility scooter is a boon to them as it can protect its user from injuries.

Different kind of scooters for the Immobile

New revolutions are being brought in lives of people who have a problem in moving. There are scooters that can help a person to move from one place to the other. These scooters are made in accordance with the need of an individual. Here is a classification of mobility scooters.

Road legal: This category of scooters can replace a public transport as it is made with horns, indicators and rear view mirrors which can be easily operated by a person on roads. A person does not require a license for using these scooters.

Portable scooters: These are the small size of scooters that can be used for daily purposes like for taking a trip to the supermarket.

Mid-range scooters: It is perfect for both outside and inside uses. The adjustable chair and pneumatic tyres make it possible for the user to get the maximum comfort.

After going through this article it is clear that mobility aids are assisting people who have limited mobility and acting as a backbone to them. It has been found that the scooters are a new development in the field of mobility aids and it can be used as a transport by the impaired persons.

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