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A Complete Guide For A Good Oral Dental Care

A Complete Guide For A Good Oral Dental Care

A smile is a symbol of positivity. A smiling face makes the best first impression. When we talk about a smile, we all know the simple fact that it can win hearts. We all desire a pleasing smile to win people’s heart. 

A combination of well-aligned and white teeth makes smile pretty. A cheerful smile is beneficial in personal as well as inprofessional front. Whether it is a corporate deal, or asking someone for a date, a smile can do wonders in accomplishing all your goals. 

It is tough to maintain the smile, which makes an impact as it depends heavily on the health of your teeth. But we don’t take heed of our dental care until there is a problem in our teeth. This is when we seek the services of a dentist. Generally, it is advised that one should have their dental check-ups done every six months. But we fail to maintain the consistency of the same.

Now, coming back to the dental problems such as yellow cavities, plaque, molar decay, swollen or bleeding gums, or dislocation of a tooth. These problems impact the health of your teeth, and thus they need to be treated on time. Taking proper precautions and visiting a local dentist on a regular basis can be the first step towards better dental health.

The following are some of the dentists recommended ways which can help you in maintaining your teeth:

Keeping Track of What You Eat on Daily Basis

This one is quite common and self-explanatory. We must continuously keep track of what we eat in our day-to-day life for our overall health. You just can’t keep on eating cakes and chocolates assuming it won’t affect your dental health.  And you should take proper measures to keep your teeth in good shape. 

Although our human body is built in such a way that it recovers itself quite well, but that doesn’t mean that we can eat whatever we want without worrying about its consequences. One should stay away from processed or sugary food or any food which sticks around your teeth. Alcohol and cigarettes are other contributors which amplify the process of tooth decay. 

Eating blindly can result in discoloration of teeth, spots, and decay. If you want to keep your oral health up to the mark, avoid eating this addictive tasty food items and also avoid toxic substances such as cigarettes and alcohol. Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day. This helps in more saliva formation, which has anti-acid properties. 

Brush Thoroughly

Everyone in their childhood has been pestered by our parents shouting at us to brush our teeth properly. It was irritating at such a tender age, but once we grow up, we understand the importance of it. But childhood is a phase where we skip the part and just want to free ourselves from it. 

When we speak about dental hygiene, the point of thoroughly brushing our teethes always the foremost. Not only that, skip the belief of brushing only once a day. Brushing your teeth twice a day keeps your oral health up to the mark. And you can safeguard yourself from any sudden visit to dentist.

Using a proper technique is as important as the duration of brushing. Holding your brush 45 degrees at the gum line and gently bringing it while cleaning the outer surface using back and forth and in up-down action. Do repeat the same process while cleaning the inner surface.  There are different types of toothbrush with soft, medium, and firm bristles. Select the one which suits you.

Having a Cup of Green Tea

Green tea has its fair share of admirers as it is considered as one of the best zero-calorie drink. It helps in weight loss by boosting the metabolism of the body. It also removes toxins from your body and cleanses the bodily process. It also contains rich antioxidants which help to keep your skin radiant. 

But this antioxidant also curbs any bacterial growth in your teeth. It also helps in controlling any kind of gum inflammation. The anti-acid present in them keeps acidity level and plaque formation in check. You just have to drink green tea twice a day regularly, and that is enough to keep unwanted tooth decay and cavities at bay. 

The anti-acid present in it helps to keep your mouth fresh. Another benefit of having green tea is that it protects your mouth against cancer tumors and cellular damage. Visit any dental; they will surely recommend brewing green tea every day.

Consume Teeth-Friendly Supplements

To keep your oral health in good shape, you have to take a sufficient amount of calcium and Vitamin D every day. Our teeth and bones are made of calcium. Thus, to maintain its consistency, you have to consume Calcium and Vitamin D as they are responsible for the health of our gums and teeth. 

You can either get it artificial with calcium and Vitamin D tablets. Or you can eat food which contains a high amount of such minerals such as milk, orange juice, egg white, yogurt, broccoli, cheese or other calcium-enhancing dairy products.

Supplements such as Vitamin B complex, copper, zinc, iron, and potassium helps in preventing your teeth from bleeding and decaying. Your dentist will prescribe them after proper diagnosis. 

Drink more water

Drinking adequate amount of water is essential for us. Along with keeping our overall body hydrated, it also helps in maintaining our oral health. Considered as one of the best beverage, it helps to keep our mouth clean. The best example is when you wake in the morning, you feel bad breath and funny taste from your body. That’s because, while you were asleep you didn’t had adequate amount of water. And thus the feeling. 

It also helps in strengthening our teeth by developing it and preventing tooth decay. It keeps your mouth clean, prevents dry mouth, and helps in fighting against bad breath. It washes outs food, thus helps in removing sticky and acidic food. 

Using Mouthwash

There is a common conception in the mind of people that mouthwash is only for those who have bad breath. But, in general, mouthwash is more than that. It is a useful tool against tooth decay, gingivitis, and it keeps gums and teeth clean.

The process of using mouthwash is simple; just take the recommended quantity of mouthwash after brushing your teeth and gargle. It helps in removing all the debris and bacteria entirely that might be left behind from your meals. Not just after brushing your teeth, you can use it after your meals, to take better care of your mouth. 

Plaque is formed because of the accumulation of debris of meals and bacteria in your mouth; mouthwash is effective in removing them. Thus, it saves you from any unwanted dentist visit, and they only recommend to use it after meals and brushing of your teeth. 


When it comes to flossing, dentists highly recommend it as the best way to keep your dental health up to the mark. Apart from brushing your teeth every time after meals, you must also consider flossing daily. Brushing removes approximately 50% of all food particles that have stuck on your teeth. You, therefore, need to take other cleaning measures to maintain above-average dental hygiene.

Flossing has a simple process, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. The best recommended time for performing it is before bedtime. It prevents particles from sticking between your teeth, and thus those particles can’t decay and cause bad breath. 

As discussed in the above point, you can club an antiseptic mouthwash daily to wipe out bacteria and freshen up your breath. One can also chew sugar-free gum after finishing your meal as it helps in preventing cavities and can help in removing the food particles.

Avoid Sugary or Acidic Food

If you are someone who really cares about their dental care, then you have to control your inner urges of eating sugary or acidic food. Inside our mouth, the sugar turns into acid, and it can erode the tooth enamel. These acids lead to tooth cavities and plaque, which ultimately decays the tooth and give rise to gum diseases. 

Try to reduce the consumption of acidic fruits, tea, and coffee as in the long run; they affect your dental health. It also makes your teeth yellow and stained teeth don’t make good impressions on anyone. Moreover, it can damage your natural teeth.

Visiting Dentist Twice a Year

Following all the tips and techniques doesn’t make you free from visiting a dentist. It is advisable to keep visiting dentist even after taking all the precautionary measures. If you wish to maintain good oral health throughout your life, then you must visit them twice a year. They are the experts and can diagnose your dental system accurately. 

Even if you are not experiencing any dental problem, visiting them for cleaning and check-ups is beneficial. They will remove calculus and look for cavities. While cleaning, they can clean off any build-up calculus from your teeth with a procedure called scaling. It is vital to get all the calculus off of your teeth, as it will ensure proper oral health and gum diseases will stay away. And they can also detect any potential issue that you are unaware of. And will offer suitable treatment solution for the same. 

2-Step Process of Finding a Reliable Dentist

How to select a reliable dentist? It is one question that baffles us all. If you have a particular dentist whom you visit, then you are sorted. But for those who doesn’t have a clue about any dental clinic, finding a reliable dentist becomes tricky. 

You can use below mentioned 2-step process for finding a good dentist.

  • Informed Start: Before starting your quest to find a reliable dentist, make sure that you are looking in a right way. Wherever you are look for the local dental society as it gives a list of all government accredited dentists. If you are moving to a new place, then you can ask your family dentist about any recommendation of a reliable dentist over there. You can also ask your family doctor to suggest any name. They are well connected under an umbrella named doctors’ association and can help you out in your endeavour. You can also ask your friends, family, or co-workers for any recommendations. This is the more informed way to look for reliable doctor. 
  • Asking Questions: It is important that you ask them other questions over and apart their experience and duration of their practice. You are trusting them with your dental problems, and to do so you must have faith in them. The best way is to prepare a list of doubts you have and ask the dentist. Asking this simple question will help you clear your doubts and it also helps in assessing the knowledge of the dentist. Thus, it helps you in taking proper decision when it comes to selecting a dentist. The following is list of questions that you can ask them:
  • What type of procedures he/she can perform?
  • What are the areas of his or her expertise?
  • What will be the referral process in case the dentist can’t perform them?
  • Does the clinic has all the modern equipment? What are the emergency care services offered by the clinic?

For any individual it is important to keep all the health-related aspects on check. This applies to our oral health care as well. If you have read the blog up until now, and you are concerned about your dental care and that is a great start. As a responsible care taker of your health, you should include good oral care in your routine.

The above-mentioned tips will help you out in taking good care of your white teeth. And you can share this knowledge with your friends and family as well. But, as you might encountered in the above point, never take your dental care lightly and regularly check your teeth for any visual damage like decay or gum bleeding. And have a periodic check-up with a dental clinic twice a year.

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  1. It is important to visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups. During these appointments, your dentist will remove any tartar or plaque buildup on your teeth and check for any signs of tooth decay or other problems.

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