Why Spirituality Will Be Part Of Many New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

Why Spirituality Will Be Part Of Many New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

At a time in which younger generations are shying away from organized religions at a much faster rate than previous generations, Pew Research reports that more Americans now identify themselves as ‘spiritual’ ( – 27% of those surveyed, in fact. The interest in spirituality exists despite differences in race, age, sex, educational levels, and political leanings. The research also shows that many Americans are both spiritual and religious – and that those who are not religious but highly spiritual – are more educated than members of the general public. As stated by Harvard Divinity School Professor, Dr. Angie Thurston and colleagues, America is changing and more believe in a universal spirit ( that unites all sentient things.

The Need for Community Experiences

One reason spirituality is and will continue to be big in 2020, is that it fulfills the need younger generations have, of forming part of a community. In a qualitative study on teens in five major cities, researchers Richard Flory and Donald Miller found that millennials in particular are no longer ( “the spiritual consumers of their parents’ generation, rather they are seeking both a deep spiritual experience and a community experience, each of which provides them with meaning in their lives.” Thus, millennials are just as likely to find meaning in a yoga class as they are with a mountain climbing group. Spirituality these days is about connection and support. It is testimony to Carl Jung’s teachings about the importance of a rich inner life in a world in which it was all too easy to feel lonely and disconnected.

New Interpretations of Classic Spiritual Experiences

The search for the spiritual life in 2020 won’t just be about community; it will also involve purpose. The proliferation of life and wellness coach show the extent to which people are seeking to ensure they are treading the path they were destined to. Psychics readings ( are also growing in popularity – not because people want meaningless predictions about their future but because they are keen on using the symbolism in tarot and other means for clarity.

The tarot – with its depiction of archetypes of patterns that are common to all humanity, provide powerful symbols that talented psychics are using to help their clients identify negative belief systems and other obstacles standing in the way of happiness ( . One reason why readings are so appealing is that, unlike structured religions, they do not prescribe a code of ethics and behavior. Rather, they help each client consider changes they need to make to reach a more enlightened state.

Opportunities to be Spiritual Abound

In 2020, it will be easier than ever to connect with your spiritual side. There are so many activities that provide a sense of community and meaning. From intense CrossFit classes to forest bathing sessions, yoga retreats or mindful meditation classes, you will be spoiled for choice. The fact that being spiritual can coincide with activities that interest and excite you, will probably make selecting at least one much easier in 2020.

If you are considering making time for spirituality in 2020, know that you are making a good investment. Studies have shown that spiritual people are happier ( . They feel more connected, less stressed, and more like they are part of something so powerful, they need never feel alone or insignificant.

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