What You Need To Know When Taking The Challenge Of Building Your Own Home

What You Need To Know When Taking The Challenge Of Building Your Own Home

If you like to watch and if you are aware of reality TV shows where they follow the journey of the challenging problem that self-builders go through, you might think that building your own house can be an extremely difficult work. These shows can run up to months and sometimes years showing all the drama to retain more viewers on their seats. However, this is not the reality. If you undertake a self-build project in the proper way, it can be a rewarding experience you can achieve in life. So keep on reading this guide on the things you have to consider if you want to construct your own home.

Is it complicated to be a self-builder?

Being a self-builder literally doesn’t mean that you have to be the plumber, the carpenter, the painter! You don’t have to build everything yourself. You don’t really have to have to buy a completed property but instead you will just buy a plot and organize the building work yourself. Be confident and have the desire, this will help you more in obtaining the yearned result.

Budget and Funds

Prior to considering what plot is suitable for you, you need to first identify what finance you can put up. If you already know how much you can and should put into a project, that is great. But if you don’t then you won’t know what kind of plot to purchase and type of home to construct. If you plan on getting a mortgage lender to help you with funds, you have to try harder because most mortgage lenders are not that eager about self-build projects. Selling your existing home may not be a good idea, you will have to factor in the expense of renting until your new home is habitable. Explore more on other loans and credit options that would suit your purpose.

Plan What You Want to Achieve

After confirming how much budget you need, you can start identifying what you and your family needs in terms of bedroom spaces, living room, backyard and outside areas, number of bathrooms and so on. Once you’re done with that, you can look at the style of house you would like and the materials to build with. If instances happen where you realized your budget cannot be stretch, you either wait until you can earn money or compromise on what you have. Another best option for that is consider getting a kit home or a prefabricated house that gets shipped instantly with ready-made components and panels that will fit on site. Whichever option you will work on, take note that you need to check permits and restrictions before starting the work.

Don’t Forget the Interior Design

After planning what the exterior of the house will be, you also have to worry about the interior design before the project is completed. It’s a must that you have allowance in your budget for the flooring, decorating, fittings, bathrooms, kitchen, so you won’t come short in the end. It’s not nice ending up with a bare and non-functioning home, right? Think about how the inside of your home would look like so you can have the materials to be ordered in advance.

Project Management

It is your choice if you are comfortable to be involved with the build or not. You can be your own project manager, wherein you have to be in site most days dealing with issues and the overseeing the progress. However, you can also appoint a project manager to supervise the site and just meet them once a week to check the progress. Just check which role you want to take on, you might not be available because of your responsibilities at work or you may be on site everyday but you lack the skills and authority to be productive. So identify which will best work for you so you can save money and achieve the appropriate contentment in building your new home.

Author bio: Ivandrea graduated from St. Scholastica’s College Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication minor in Broadcast Journalism. Ivandrea gives out recommendations for exquisite home designs and services.


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