What Is Digital Harbor? Fraud Prevention With Dharbor

What Is Digital Harbor? Fraud Prevention With Dharbor

Digital Harbor is an organization which is spearheaded in creating project management and risk management solutions for enterprise communities, Government and monetary establishments. It has invented many which are first-to-present technologies and risk management strategies in the business world. Digital Harbor Inc was established in 1997 in the job of a startup which creates composite applications for business use and first propelled its wise business Data Fusion platform. 

Digital Harbor keep evolving and became the fastest growing company in 2009 and made its focus on the risk management strategies for the healthcare industry in the US by releasing its “Know Your Risk” suit for healthcare operations. 

Digital Harbor is pioneered in developing creative project management and risk management solutions for enterprise communities, Government and financial institutions. It has created the technologies and solutions which are first-to-introduce in the business world. Although it also develops enterprise-wide project management and providing operational intelligence between the processes, companies core vision is to provide new technologies for monitoring, assessment, and detection of risks and frauds

Healthcare Fraud Detection and Prevention Services by Digital Harbor

The healthcare services industry is exceptionally directed and the expenses are checked intently. All things being equal, the measure of cash the administration loses through misrepresentation is immense. This powers the state tax office and the central government to a decent measure of assets for examining human services protection extortion. Any individual or association discovered liable for carrying out medical services fraud is at risk to criminal or common punishments.

How digital harbor helps you to know about healthcare fraud?

The most well-known way a healthcare fraud case examination begins is the point at which an expert’s perspectives a case design as suspicious. Or then again, the experts may get a tip-off from an insider or an informant. Or there will be consequences, it may very well be a patient who is furious and documents a grievance.

Digital Harbor is the expertise in Know Your Customer and Know Your Provider platforms in the United States and they have specialized technologies in fraud prevention and risk management services. So, detecting these healthcare frauds and preventing the risk of customers lives is the purpose of dharbor, it provides fraud detection services for the following the instance of Medicare and Medicaid industry:

  • Using higher-cost service’s billing code to charge for higher for the services.
  • Charging money for a bunch of tests as well as medicines on separate bills for the same treatment. This is also called as double-billing.
  • Forcing or mandating the use of unnecessary services
  • Giving or receiving something costly or valuable to get Medicaid or Medicare services
  • Applying charges for missed appointments
  • Providing beneficiaries of healthcare system using paid references

A considerable lot of the cases happen to be authentic charging blunders or false impressions. Medicaid and Medicare are represented by confusing laws. An infringement will normally result in legitimate punishments and have further outcomes on the medicinal practice.

Digital Harbor is more than 20 years of expertise in providing intelligent risk management solutions and it changed the way of managing complex business processes by avoiding the chance of risk and failures. Digital Harbor is now an industry leader in advanced fraud detection models and now became trusted for healthcare solutions through its dharbor healthcare fraud detection services

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