What Is A Turnout Rug And How Does It Benefit Your Horse?

What Is A Turnout Rug And How Does It Benefit Your Horse?

Like human beings, clothes are used to cover the animals as well. It is particularly true for such animals that are kept as pets by the concerned owners. Different types of covers or clothes are available in the market for different types of pets. In this respect, you may have come across horses covered with some special types of clothes. These clothes are referred to as rugs. As per the varying needs of the horses and the purpose for which these are used, different types of rugs are available for the horses. In this respect, the turnout rugs are used when the horses are out in the field. These are the specialized rugs or the covers that help in keeping the horses protected against dust, dirt and other such elements so that its cleanliness may be ensured in all respects. In simple words, these rugs are basically meant to be used outside the stable when the horse is out in the field for grazing or strolling around. There are numerous benefits associated with these specialized rugs as illustrated hereunder. 

Protection against dirt and dust

Obviously, it is one of the major benefits of the turnout rugs being used on the horses. By covering your horse with such rugs, you may assuredly offer protection to it against dust and dirt while it is roaming around in the field or is outside for certain other activities. Thus you may keep your horse absolutely clean in all respects by using such rugs on your horse.

Safeguards the horse against harsh weather conditions 

Surely, it is very much important and in fact necessary for you to safeguard your horse against harsh weather conditions while it is outside in the field. Whether it is the harsh summer season or the extremely cold weather conditions, windy season or snowfall outside, it is quite imperative that you must safeguard your horse against unfavourable weather conditions. This task can be well-accomplished by using these specialized rugs. 

Offer warmth and dryness to the horse

By covering your horse with these rugs, you may offer warmth, comfort and dryness to it. It is a great way to ensure good health of the horse in all respects and at the same time allow it to enjoy roaming around and other activities outside while enjoying total warmth and dryness against moisture content.

Protection against pets

Lastly, these rugs also help in keeping your horse protected against the attack of any unwanted pests that may disturb and irritate your horse. 

After reading all this, we have become quite clear about the specific type of rugs being used to cover the horses when they are out in the field. Such rugs prove to be quite beneficial for the horses in multiple ways. 

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