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Things You Need To Know About Handmade Tiles

Things You Need To Know About Handmade Tiles

The Joys Of Having Handmade Tiles

There’s nothing like the distinctive look of handmade tiles to top off the design of any kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of tiles crafted by hand is the character they have. Normal tiles have a very uniform appearance due to the standardization methods which characterize modern production techniques whereas their handmade counterparts have real personality. For instance, gentle undulations in the surface add character by creating shading with sunlight or electric lighting and the luster has a deep, natural appearance. There’s just something so homely about them.

Handmade tiles are the ideal adornment to any wall of floor space. As well as allowing you to create an eye-catching effect with murals and pretty patterns they also have a very smooth surface which makes them ideal for cleaning and they retain their colour for many years.

Choosing Handmade Tiles

There’s something for everyone when it comes to handmade tiles. Traditionalists often favor solid colors with simple motifs but you may be pleased to hear there are plenty of modern designs drawing inspiration form contemporary artists and design trends. Floral patterns have always been popular and the choice of colour can vary depending on where they will be situated. For instance bathroom handmade tiles are usually soft, neutral colors. White and marigold are common as well as aquatic colors like pale blue, light green or turquoise.

Handmade tiles also come in a variety of sizes. Larger tiles can be used in bathrooms or hallways for a grand appearance, whereas smaller ones give a more understated vibe and are at home in the kitchen. Mind you with handmade tiles it is the colour and design which leave the lasting impression.

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