Recommended Bets On Formula One Racing

Recommended Bets On Formula One Racing

It might be considered as one of the more niche sports to bet on but there’s a lot of popularity surrounding Formula One. You’re now able to back most outcomes from key Formula One races, with bookmakers providing an extensive list of markets to cover all potential predictions in the sport. There are more races being priced up by bookmakers than ever before, and it’s mostly down to the demand seen by devoted F1 fans.

There’s more to betting on Formula One than simply picking out a name you’ve heard of and backing them to win their next race. Formula One betting tips take a lot of planning, which is why a handful of punters choose to specialise in it using their extensive knowledge to identify the sort of bets that are worth placing.

Something that also needs to be kept in mind is how you can bet on more than just the race winner – a factor which has even been known to put people off from betting on F1. With it being such a troublesome issue to newcomers, we’ve summed up the primary methods of betting on Formula One below:

Winner and outright markets

As a lot of F1 events are based on the eventual race winner, the markets are reflective of that, as are those who are looking to bet on the sport. This leaves a lot of punters who put backing an outright winner above all else. Outright markets would usually be kept separate to specific event markets but with a shorter time period for racing events, betting on either outcome equates to similar odds.

It’s always best to clarify exactly what you’re betting on before placing any money, as Formula One betting markets can be confusing if you aren’t aware of if your selection refers to which driver wins that entire race, or whether they only need to win in a smaller capacity for your bet to land. Explanations of these minor details and help on how to create your own formula one betting tips can be found on sites like TeamFA, who are always efficient in building thorough betting previews on key F1 events.

Alternative formula one markets

Despite the match result and outright result being so important, you can improve your odds on backing a winner by betting on the straight forecast, with first, second, and third usually being included. There’s also a method of betting on Each Way terms through backing a driver to make the top three, and through predicting who will finish highest without including the six favourites.

Options to build your own bet has made it possible to back a handful of selections in a single bet with a far stronger price, which includes the winner of the race, the number of points for individual drivers, the winning car make, and even more specified selections, making for bolstered Formula One betting tips.

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