My New Obsession- BIO LAB EXOTIQUE

My New Obsession- BIO LAB EXOTIQUE

I think by now, most of my friends and family are familiar with my love for facial oils. Whilst not new in the beauty industry, and once the main purview of the organic and natural skincare movement, it’s seen a renaissance in recent years, that’s had mainstream brands include an oil or two in their skincare ranges. Not a bad thing, I can assure you.

I have been watching the new IT brand in bio and organic skincare, Bio Lab Exotique for two months now, the products are nothing but carefully mixed potions of precious oils that promise collagen and elastin boost, heal skin conditions such as acne and eczema ( if not heal then sustain and prevent for sure ) and the fun one: Instagram ready skin. That’s the quality of skin we all aspire to have for sure.

So let’s begin. What do I like about Bio Lab Exotique?

Well, for starters, it makes for a very nice day serum, that keeps my skin plumped up all day, and comfortable in air-conditioned rooms. I have normal-dry skin so that might be why it works so well. On top of that, the texture means that I have no issues with my makeup sliding around, and if anything, it seems to make my base look better, actually Bio Lab Exotique put a side note on their box that Elixir potion is great as a makeup remover and Youth potion is great as a primer!

For me, after about 2 weeks of using this as my sole serum in my skincare routine (Cleansing -> acid tone -> hydrating lotion/face mist -> Good Genes (sometimes) -> Bio Lab Exotique oils-> Moisturiser) I noticed that my skin was noticeably calmer, more even-toned, and more hydrated. With well hydrated skin comes less visible lines and tiredness. I’ve had a very rough few months, so anything that doesn’t make that roughness and tiredness show on my skin is a boon. The packaging is another plus, its CHIC. It’s very very very high end. Its black kraft paper and gold letters, actually very Tom Ford-ish so it looks fantastic , i cant even throw away the box it’s that chic! Oh and the price? Just 40 dollars for 30 ml of Bio Lab Exotique potion. Happy skin days!

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