Movavi Video Editor Allows You to Merge MP4 Files Effortlessly

Movavi Video Editor Allows You to Merge MP4 Files Effortlessly

The Movavi Video Editor is an easy-to-use video editing software that can be used to create amazing movies which you can share with friends in an instant. The tool enables you to build magic into your movies by inserting creative elements like transitions, effects, and titles, and share your creation on a video sharing platform like YouTube within minutes or send it to your family and friends. The Movavi Video Editor can be used to create memorable videos of important occasions like birthdays, travel trips and graduation ceremonies that can be included in a digital family album. The application also includes built-in functionality to transform your personal photos into awesome family videos.

The Video Editor comes equipped with the MP4 joiner feature that can be used for combine mp4 files to add more creativity to your handiwork. With it’s easy to use interface and a quick how-to guide on joining mp4 files, you don’t have to fret over online tutorials to learn combining video clips together. In addition to the video merge option, the tool also includes a range of other functional attributes like inserting effects and transitions, editing songs, trimming files and merging multiple tracks into one.


The salient features of Movavi Video Editor include:

  • Audio recording functionality for recording your own voiceover through the microphone and extracting sound from musical instruments
  • Built-in video clips, backgrounds, music, and sound that are available in Video Editor library
  • Audio editing features like adjusting audio frequency, eliminating noise, normalizing audio, and applying special effects
  • Beat detection feature that automatically detects the audio rhythm to sync it with your video’s tempo
  • Video stabilization functionality to eliminate motion distortion to enhance the overall movie quality
  • Picture Merge function that allows you to merge several videos on one screen
  • Webcam capture option to capture video snippet using your webcam and edit it using the video editor plus



Follow the simple steps below to create brilliant tunes in the software by merging several clips.

Install the Movavi’sVideo Merger On Your PC

Open the program file on your PC. Follow the instructions in the online guide to install Movavi Video Editor on your system. The software will be automatically installed once the setup is complete.

Upload the Required Files And Use Merge Feature

Click on Add Media Files in the main menu-panel and select the audio files you want to merge. The tool is built to support a plethora of audio input and output formats so you can easily import files, and create merged outputs in MP4 or any esoteric formats. As you import or upload your audio files to the program, the merger will automatically join them together and place them at a specific position on the Timeline one after the other, in the order in which they were added. You have the flexibility to change the position of the files by moving them around on the timeline to your preferred place.

Trim Your Videos

You can edit or trim your input video files and any wanted segments. Just click on the required file on the Timeline and carefully position the red pointer at the start of the unwanted segment and click the Split function in the menu. Then move the pointer to the end of the segmented part and click the Split button again. Select the separated segment and click Delete from your keyboard to remove it from the file.

Save Your File

Use the Export button and choose the Save Video File option in the top menu. Choose your desired format and the destination folder where you want the file to be saved and click Start.

Download the movie editing software for free and start editing your videos.

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