Method Of Body Transportation Via Flight

Method Of Body Transportation Via Flight

Transportation of a dead body becomes necessary if a person has died away from home. This is because the family members need to perform the last rites before the body is to be cremated. If the family agrees to cremation at the place of death then there is no problem. But in most cases the body has to be brought back home. There are a number of formalities that have to be taken care of before the body is boarded on to the airplane or the train. If you want dead body transports Chennai then you can contact the funeral service providers who will do a neat job. 

The funeral service providers are fully aware of the responsibilities associated with the transportation of a dead body. You will need to collect the death certificate from the hospital and get many photocopies of the same. Ensure that the spellings of the name of the deceased is correct because changing the same later on can be quite a job! The body cannot be transported without proper embalmment. So, the next step is the place where embalmment is done. Every city has two or three definite places where a body can be embalmed. You will have to find out which are the places where these are done. For a funeral service provider, the job is comparatively easy because they are constantly in touch with these places. 

Once the embalmment is done you have to take permission from the local police for a NoC or no-objection certificate so that the body can be boarded onto a plane. At each stage you will need more than one copy of the death certificate, ID proof and the ID of the applicant. So, be sure to keep these documents handy. You will also need to carry the originals of the same for verification. 

You will need to arrange for a mortuary van with coffin and air conditioning. The van will take the body from the place where the embalming institution to the airfield to board the plane. Once the coffin has been arranged you will need to mark it properly with the name of the deceased, destination and phone number. Next, is the availability of flight. Keep in mind that all airplanes do not allow a dead body in their cargo. So, you will need to speak to each airline and find out. Flights do not have any problem in carrying the remains of the deceased in a jar, but when it comes to the dead body, they have certain rules and regulations. You will also need to intimate the cargo that you have dead body transports Chennai fora particular flight. 

Do remember to get your own tickets for the same flight in which the body is being transported. Keep the originals and copies of the death certificate, embalming certificate, police NOC, ID proof of the deceased and that of the applicant, certificate from the coffin maker and your own ticket. Once all the papers have been checked and confirmed the authorities will allow you to take the body for scanning. The airway bill will be issued after the scanning is complete. Take all the originals and board the flight. Once you submit the same at the cargo office of your destination then you can collect the body and head home. 

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