How Bulk SMS Can Help Your Business?

How Bulk SMS Can Help Your Business?

When interacting with the customers the first thing you ask them is the benefits of bulk SMS in comparison to other modes of marketing.  Till now as per inputs of bulk SMS provider in Bangalore it was mostly related to speed and cost effectiveness. But recently as per a poll conducted customers have put forth some hidden benefits associated with bulk SMS. Let us go through them in details.

Open rates

Nearly 98 % of the time bulk messages are opened and read by the receiver. This is on an average of 5 seconds. The statistics does sound impressive, but when you compare it to the 20 % opening rates of an email this works out to be much better. Not forgetting to mention that nearly 20 % of emails are opened within a time span of 48 hours. If you want to ensure that your messages are to be seen by people then opt for SMS campaign Bangalore.

Flexibility and speed

Any business needs to be geared to the fluidity of the modern business world. The reason being speed and flexibility are important in a vibrant market. In case of bulk SMS there is virtual zero time where the message reaches to the targeted audience within a time span of seconds. To drive footfall on a small day or clear an old stock it would be beneficial. With bulk SMS customers can respond to a message in a matter of seconds.

Low cost but higher returns

TV or outdoor forms of advertisement are restricted for a small scale business. But with SMS the cost of setting or running is low which means that they can be launched at a fraction of a cost in comparison to the traditional marketing methods. Where else you can reach out to 1000 customers at a cost of $ 30.

Being cost effective in combination with high rate of investment bulk SMS is a vital tool of marketing in a modern day business.

Target prone audience

The days where marketing managers send out messages in the hope that it will strike their target audience is over. If you are a company with eye on costs, it becomes necessary that each and every message is targeted as far as possible. Since this form of marketing is permission based a person who receives your message would already

  • Be having a relationship with you
  • Would have agreed to receive marketing messages from your end

These facts mean that you can pitch in to your old clients, or try to reach out to new leads. It is a norm that it would be 7 times easy to sell a product to an old customer rather than selling to a new customer. No better way to reach out to your customers rather than via bulk SMS.


Bulk SMS can be personalized and it is delivered to the customer in a matter of seconds. Based on the customers buyers behaviour you can personalize them at the same time.

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