What Are The Features Of Gas Ducted Heating Systems?

What Are The Features Of Gas Ducted Heating Systems?

Gas ducted heating is a central heating system which utilizes a series of ducts to heat the whole house in a cost effective manner. Natural gas heats the rooms much faster than electricity and the quality of heating is also superior because electrical heating systems blow out dust that may accumulate on air vents. 

Mode of Operation

A gas ducted heating system features a central heating unit which is responsible for providing warm air. The heating element can either be a heat pump system that uses natural gas for heating or a gas furnace that uses natural gas or LPG for heating. The gas is mixed with air and burned inside the furnace. The air drawn from the outside atmosphere is then heated by a metal heat exchanger which transfers the heat from the heating unit to the incoming stream.  A flue pipe removes the combustion products from the building.

The warm air is then pushed into ducts by a fan. The ducts are concealed inside the roofs and floors of different rooms of the house. The warm air is pushed through these ducts to vents present at the end of the ducts in every room. The heating vents are usually placed around the perimeter of the house to enable the heat to be distributed evenly throughout the house. 


The central heating system is usually placed on the roof or near the central portion of the house as it makes noise which can be very disturbing for inhabitants at times. The ducts present inside the ceiling cavity must have a spacing of 400mm between them and the ceiling as required by the Building Code. However, floor vents are widely recommended because rising they provide high-quality heating. However, the ideal location for the vents to be located in a particular house is determined by the professional installer. 

Benefits of Gas Ducted Heating Systems 

  • Efficiency- Ducted gas heating systems provide good heating efficiency even when the outside temperature is very low. The system continues to work well irrespective of the steep drop in temperature. This ensures that the house remains warm even during the cold winter months. 
  • Safe heating system for the family- Gas ducted heating systems provide sufficient warmth to the inhabitants of the house without causing pain, irritation in the eyes, or other body parts unlike other heating systems. There is also no chance of dust and allergens invading the indoor atmosphere because this system produces moisture in the atmosphere. Furthermore, there is no risk of electrical fires breaking out as is the case with electrical heating systems. 
  • Environment friendly- Gas ducted heating systems produce less carbon emissions compared to electric heating systems. This claim is backed by a study which concluded that gas ducted heating systems generate only 1/3rd of the greenhouse gas emissions as compared to electrical heating systems. This is because electricity is produced by burning coal which has a high carbon footprint. 
  • Cost savings- Gas ducted heating system is an energy efficient way of heating homes during the winter months. More energy is utilized by electric heating systems than gas ducted systems resulting in high electricity bills. The distribution of heat in different rooms can be controlled with gas ducted systems. Dampers present in the heating ducts block them whenever required. They can be controlled manually or by a remote control. This enables you to heat only selected rooms of the house which results in saving energy. 
  • Less repairs- Gas ducted heating systems have much less moving parts compared to electric heaters. Consequently, the incidences of breakdown and costly repairs are rare.

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  1. Gas ducted heating systems are a popular choice for many homes. They provide an efficient and cost-effective way to heat a home, and they come with a range of features that make them a great choice for any home. Some of the features of gas ducted heating systems include: incredibly efficient, providing warmth and comfort to your home while using minimal energy.

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