Eco Friendly Materials To Look For In Takeaway Packaging

Eco Friendly Materials To Look For In Takeaway Packaging

Food industry is quite vast and in fact one of the biggest industries across the world. Apart from the fruits, vegetables and groceries, this industry has expanded to cooked or baked food items that are delivered right at the doorsteps of the targeted customers as per their requirements. Of course, all such food items need to be packed properly and safely to ensure protection against getting spoilt. That is why the industry of takeaway packaging is expanding equally fast. It is an eco-friendly way of packaging the food items to ensure safety of the food products being packed as well the environment. Disposal of eco friendly packaging materials ensures total protection of the environment against any harm that may otherwise be caused due to use of non-biodegradable packaging materials. Let us now have a look at some of the eco friendly materials that you may look for in such packaging.

Packaging made from cornstarch

Certainly, it is one of the most common eco friendly materials that are being used in the takeaway packaging industry. Due to the strong binding feature of corn starch, it can be used to manufacture packaging materials quite easily. It is highly durable.

Packaging made from mushroom

Again mushroom is also a popularly used material as far as packaging for food products in an eco friendly way is concerned. Made from properly cleaned and processed ground agricultural wastes, it can be dried and moulded into desired shapes as per the unique packaging requirements.

Bamboo based packaging

Known for its sturdiness and durability, bamboo based packaging is also gaining popularity quite fast in the food sector. It can be used for packaging smaller as well as bigger food items. Also it can be used to package even the beverages or liquid based products.

Bagasse packaging

Bagasse is the by-product of sugarcane processing. It is processed in order to manufacture different types of packaging materials as per the requirements of different types of food items. It can be used to manufacture packaging materials of different shapes and sizes as per the varying needs of different types of food items.

Wood pulp packaging

Most of us are well aware of the wood pulp that can be easily obtained from the trees. It helps in preserving the nutritional value of the food while offering a sustainable and safer packaging option.

So you have many options to choose from as far as eco friendly packaging materials for the food products are concerned. It is all a matter of personal choice and availability of the given materials. 

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