Easy Maintenance And Caring Tips For Decorative Concrete Surfaces

Easy Maintenance And Caring Tips For Decorative Concrete Surfaces

People often go for flagstone or cobblestone as their flooring material of choice for their homes. What they fail to understand is the number of calories they would need to burn when it comes to cleaning such surfaces! In the opinion of leading decorative concrete Perth WA supplier, you wouldn’t need to break a sweat when it comes to cleaning decorative concrete floors.

Furthermore, when you hire the best concrete supplier in Perth WA to supply your contractor concrete for your floors, you will be left with a durable, properly sealed floor that is free from crevices and lines. The result, your floors will be clean even with minimal maintenance!

With that being said, let us take a quick look into a few easy ways to clean the decorative concrete surfaces in your home. Please pay attention to the following sections:

Keep dry dust away with these cleaning methods

When you have decorative concrete floors in your home, regular cleaning can become a fun chore and the reason is simple – all you would need to keep floors shining is using dry dust mopping, that’s it!

Be sure to use a microfiber dust mop since they are capable of collecting more dust than a regular mop. Microfiber mops take help from static electricity that helps the mop to attract dust particles thereby leaving the floors cleaner than it was before!

If these were not viable for you, you can always go for vacuuming.

Wet mopping is a great way to deep clean decorative concrete surfaces

In case you have a decorative concrete floor in your kitchen then you would need to deep clean the same at least once every month using the wet mop process.

You would need to dry dust the floors at first.

Be sure to mix the appropriate amount of a neutral cleaning liquid in water. It is best that you get in touch with the decorative concrete supplier before using any cleaning product.

Don’t forget to mop the floor with clear water after cleaning the same using a floor cleaning product. This will make sure that the cleaning product is not reacting with the concrete surface and causing any irreversible damage. 

Avoid using bleach, harsh chemical cleaning products or ammonia.

Another handy decorative concrete cleaning/maintenance tips

It is best that you blot spills as soon as they occur to avoid stains on your driveway/garage decorative concrete floors. Engine oil, brake fluid spills or related car fluid spills should be blotted ASAP!

In case you have chosen decorative concrete as the flooring material for your bathrooms, kitchen or laundry room, be sure to lay a thick carpet or rug to protect the floor beneath from spills and related damage.

Be sure to call in a professional team and get the concrete floors in your property resealed after every two years for the best results.

For the decorative concrete floors inside your home, you would need to get them waxed by professionals for superior finish, protection and enhanced aesthetic appeal.

Decorative concrete is fairly easy to maintain, affordable to restore or replace and are far more reliable when compared to other surfacing materials. For the best results, always make sure that you are hiring a renowned company that deals in the supply of decorative concrete ready-mix.

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