Dawood Foundation On A Mission To The World

Dawood Foundation On A Mission To The World

The Dawood foundation has proved itself to be the helping hands for so many individuals and organizations in Pakistan. This outlet has got what it takes too meet the needs of individuals and organizations towards making life a lot easier for them. The foundation has touched the lives of many and it is still doing more day by day.  There are poverty and so many problems plaguing the people of Pakistan and this organization has stood in the gap for them, making it very easy for the people to cope with the uncomfortable realities that beset their daily lives.  This foundation had been around for long ad has helped so many people and communities over the years.  Mariyamdawood is the wife of Bashir Dawood, the founder of this great foundation and she has contributed a great deal in her own way to the lives of so many in Pakistan. 

In the remaining part of this write-up, we will show you a couple of things that  the Dawood Foundation represents. 

Assistance for institutions 

The Dawood Foundation has assisted so many institutions towards helping them to get better at what they do. For example, the Aga Khan University has benefited a great deal from the large heart of this great foundation run by both Bashir Dawood and Mariyamdawood. The foundation has also assisted the hospital belonging to the university, towards making it a medical research centre of world class.  Thanks to the immense contribution of this great organization, the hospital and its university has become one of the greatest contributors to the health of the people of Pakistan.  The university community has become one of the best as far as health services is concerned thanks to the incomparable contribution of the Dawood Foundation. Since inception of the hospital and university to date, no other contribution or donation had been given to it that can compare to what Bashir and Mariyam Dawood have contributed to the institutions.  As a result of the contribution of this great foundation, the medical program at Aga Khan University Hospital has been taken to an entirely new height.    

Some of the areas in which the foundation has helped this institution of learning are highlighted below:

  • Integrated operating rooms
  • Advanced neurological equipment
  • A new refractive laser suite 

The Centre for Innovation in Medical Education is one other outlet that has benefited a great deal from the unique humanitarian service offered by the Dawood Foundation. The assistance provided by Dawood Foundation has helped in pushing CIME to the limelight and making it a globally-outstanding learning destination for healthcare professionals.  The foundation has contributed state-of-the-art suite of medical educational tech and virtual reality technology.  As a result of the great contribution of the foundation, students of the institution can now learn medical skills in a great environment with minimal risk.         


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