Best Resume Builder Apps To Help You Land The Job You Want

Best Resume Builder Apps To Help You Land The Job You Want

If you’re currently stuck in-between jobs or looking to find a new one because the current job just isn’t what you’re looking for, you know how tough the world of finding a new job can be. It’s a perpetual battle of browsing job opportunities, preparing the necessary documentation and making sure you look perfect for that faithful job conversation. But before you even get a shot at talking, you need to get the employers attention.

Today, many companies use software that automatically filters out poorly created resumes so, in reality, your resume might not even get a chance to get checked by a human eye. This is one of the reasons why designing a crisp resume is absolutely crucial. Also, who says if the employer is using software to check resumes that you can’t use apps to create that killer resume?

We decided to check the current top apps that are specifically made to help people build their job application without missing out on crucial elements. As we were searching for apps that might be worth your attention, we stumbled upon a useful list of best job resume apps we’d like to share.

Top Apps for Building a Job Resume

We found a ton of useful user information on every app before we even downloaded them so it was easier to filter out the ones that looked the best and try them out. So here are our top 3 picks.

Free Resume App – A Great Resume in a Few Steps

Although the app doesn’t sport a flashy app name, we were surprised by the overwhelming positive comments so decided to test it out. And we got to say, the only things that look simpler than the name, is the app itself. The interface is straightforward and you can create a great job resume with all the necessary info in just a couple of minutes. You can pick between different layouts and see a preview of each one. Also, after you’re done, it’s easy to either save it for online applications or print it out. The app doesn’t everything it’s supposed to do – nothing more or nothing less and that’s perfect. Oh, and it’s also free of charge.

But, the free of charge part has a trick. You have two choices, either pay or check out ads and use without spending a dime. If you go for the free option you can expect a lot of ads thrown in your face which can be annoying when focusing on putting all the necessary data in your resume. So yeah, marketing is a bit aggressive. Nevertheless, it is a great resume builder app so you might want to think about simply paying to unlock the full potential. It’s up to and how much you need a software that can help you in that department.

Indeed Job Search – Everything in One Place

For those of you who besides lacking a great resume also don’t know where to start looking for a new job, Indeed might provide solutions. Besides having the option to build a resume, you can also browse jobs in your area with useful filters to ensure you find what you’re looking for as quickly as possible. Since it’s a highly popular app, there are many job opportunities and it’s likely something will catch your eye. More and more companies are switching to online applications so apps like Indeed are gaining popularity. All you have to do is create a resume, approve it and you’ll be ready not just to look for a job, but you’ll also be put on the radar so that employers can find you.

Although Indeed sports a lot of search options, we noticed they can be buggy from time to time. For example, although you limit the search to 10 miles from your area, the app will show you jobs that are further away. This often happens when you slowly get to the bottom of the barrel without finding anything. Then, all that’s left is to come back the next day and hope something new showed up. To be fair, some of these flaws aren’t app’s flaws as they can’t influence how companies post their job applications so, in the end, it’s all about being consistent and not giving up.

LinkedIn Job Search  – The Big Players

Of course, we can’t talk about the world of online job search and resume building without mentioning the grandpa that started it all – LinkedIn. Being in the business for so long, LinkedIn managed to develop to the point where although not perfect, it’s extremely close. The resume builder is intuitive and simple to use, there are many ways to search for jobs and you can create connections with people which always helps because you never know when someone could use your peculiar set of skills. Finally, many big companies are on LinkedIn as part of their HR strategy and marketing, so there’s a chance you land a job with some heavy-hitter company as well. All in all, it does pay off to be on LinkedIn as you use some other apps as well.

While randomly looking for jobs, we realized the job application might not all that gracious for first-timers. In other words, many jobs we encountered were looking for highly experienced people, so if you’re just starting, you probably want to use an alternative app besides LinkedIn. As mentioned earlier, you should still be part of the community as you never know when a company might be looking for a new pair of muscles to join their ranks. But still, if you’re just entering the job market, the best bet is to widen your possibilities as much as possible.


Looking for a job is rarely easy and there isn’t a magic key that will make completely painless. Still, apps like the ones we mentioned can make it easier to handle since you get a guide so you ensure you don’t waste time on minor mistakes that when pile up, can seriously damage your opportunities.

We hope you’ll find our suggestions useful and more than anything, we sincerely hope you’ll find the job you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

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