All That You Need To Know About Commercial Photography

All That You Need To Know About Commercial Photography

Owing to the growth of digital advertising, the demand for a commercial photographer has skyrocketed. This rising demand has made commercial photography an extremely competitive landscape. If you do photography as a hobby, you can put them in use and specialize in commercial photography. Along with being fun, being a commercial photographer can prove to be highly lucrative. In this blog, we are sharing everything that you need to know about commercial photography. 

Commercial Photography – A Brief Overview 

Commercial photography, in simple terms, refers to photographing for commercial purposes that include business, product photography, advertising, etc. It is used by an organization who are looking to advertise a specific brand, lifestyle, product, etc. 

A majority of photographers that are added to stock photography websites are clicked by commercial photographers. This type of photography is widely used by marketing firms, advertising agencies, small business owners, tourism bureaus, and many other units that work with the goal to promote their brand through professional development photographs. 

Commercial Photography – The Types 

The first step towards becoming a successful commercial photographer is to specialize and develop expertise in one form of photography. You can choose a particular based on your interests and work towards developing a specialized portfolio. Below are some common types of commercial photography from which you can make a choice – 


Headshots are contemporary portraits that are essentially used for professional profile images in resumes, brochures, social media, etc. These are generally taken from above the shoulders and can be taken in the studio or outdoor settings. 

Product Photography

Owing to the rise in digital marketing, there has been a massive demand for product photography all around the world. So a career in this domain can prove to be highly beneficial. In this, the photographer generally works in the studios that have controlled lighting. However, some product shots are taken outside in natural lighting. 

Drone Photography 

It is quite a specific form of commercial photography. It is popularly used in real-estate photography, event marketers, tourism boards, etc. The pictures are shot from above, allowing you to capture the event or building from distinctive angles. This type of photography required specialized skills and experience in the field. 

Real-Estate Photography

Real-estate photography is popular in urban as well as rural regions and is centred on showcasing a property from all different angles in the best way possible. This type of photography uses a blend of natural as well as artificial lighting along with wide-angle lenses. 

Fashion Photography 

If you have experience shooting portraits and people, you should consider a profession in fashion photography. Organization hire this type of photographer in order to captures models adorning a particular clothing or accessories brand. These shoots can be taken indoors or outdoors and require the photographer to direct the model to give different poses. 

Food Photography 

You need a strong set of talent to become a food photographer. It is all about enticing the viewers with beautiful images of food. Typically, food photographers work indoors in a well-controlled studio setting. However, they might also short the photos in commercial kitchens or restaurants sites. The aim of food photographers is to make the food look appealing and enticing from all different angles. 

Commercial Photography and Advertising Photography – Know the Difference 

Commercial photography and advertising photography are often used in the same context; however, there is a certain clear distinction between the two phenomena. While they both are used for a promotional objective, the equipment, techniques and intent vary significantly.

Commercial photography is used to collect products in the most suitable light and is generally used in catalogues, digital marketing, portfolios, brochures, and ads. This type of photography is all about exhibiting a brand or product. 

Advertising photography, on the other hand, encompasses all the aspects of commercial photography, but it is more evolved. It is not merely about capturing the brand or photograph in the best light; it is also about evoking certain emotions among the views and persuading them to invest in the brand of product. 

How Lucrative is Commercial Photography?

If you are thinking about taking on commercial Photography In Toronto, Canada, then you might be wondering how much you will make. Answer to this question entirely depends on the region of your working in, the scope of your field, and whether or not you need additional staff to assist you with the project. On average you can earn around USD 45,990. 

Commercial photography is widespread and can be quite lucrative. If you wish to be a commercial photographer, it is important that you invest in developing the right skills and obtain as much experience as possible in a specific niche. Building a good portfolio will help you in getting more interesting and high-paying projects. Once you have solid experience, you can expand your specialization by getting into a new niche. 

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