7 Things A Dry Cleaning Company Can Do For You

7 Things A Dry Cleaning Company Can Do For You

While it is true we can generally get though our daily lives without using the services of a dry cleaning or dry cleaning alternative service there are times when utilizing one can make our lives so much easier. Dry cleaning does not have to be considered a luxury and once you begin taking your clothing and other items there for washing you will likely find it is worth the expense. A knowledgeable and professional company helps you maintain your belongings.

While consumers are starting to realize traditional dry cleaning companies typically use toxic and harmful chemicals it is important to know there are other options such as Kitsilano dry cleaning alternative services who will ensure your items are returned clean and in good condition. If you are wondering why you should start using a dry cleaner instead of throwing what you have into your household washer and dryer here are some reasons to consider.

Remove Stains

If you have a stubborn stain on your favourite shirt or dress you have been unable to get rid of do not despair. Simply take it into your neighbourhood dry cleaning alternative shop and they will work hard to get it out and return it to you stain-free. Often people believe if they cannot get a stain out at home the item belongs in the garbage. This is not the case if you use a professional services as they have special techniques to get bad stains out of fabrics.

Clean and Preserve a Wedding Dress

After the wedding celebration is over and the guests have gone home it is time to think of the future. A part of this is ensuring your wedding dress is cleaned and readied for long-term preservation. It is important you dry clean your gown even if it does not look dirty because even sweat can cause discolouration overtime. A company that is experienced in this area can help so you are able to pass on your wedding dress to your daughter twenty-years down the road.

Do Alterations

Most dry cleaning companies also have proficient and professional seamstresses working for the business so you can bring your hemming and alteration needs there. Whether you want a suit jacket taken in, the zipper on a much loved dress fixed or a new pair of jeans hemmed a seamstress can take care of these and many other tailoring services. When done properly you won’t be able to tell they were altered and they will look much better then before.

Extend the Life of Your Clothing

When you take your clothing items to a dry cleaner on a regular basis you’ll start to notice they do not wear out as quickly as when washed at home in your own washer and dryer. The dry cleaning process does not cause fading and will not cause them to become misshapen or stretched out. This helps to ensure your clothing lasts longer and you may actually save money using dry cleaning instead of doing it yourself at home.

Handle Large Household Items

While duvet covers are common we still often have items in our home like thick quilts and other bedding we cannot wash in our household washing machine because they are too large and bulky to fit properly. Area rugs can also be a huge headache to clean so we tend to let them get dirtier and dirtier. This is not necessary because dry cleaners have the room to wash these and other large items for you without any difficulties.

Shirt Service

When working in an office environment or any other establishment requiring you to wear dress shirts on a regular basis finding a dry cleaning company offering shirt service can make your life much easier. You no longer have to expend energy laundering and ironing which can be both time-consuming and annoying. Having the shirts professionally washed means they look great every day as they are exceptionally clean and expertly ironed for you to enjoy.

Added Convenience

We live in a busy world and being able to drop your dirty clothes off at a dry cleaner and then pick them up a few days later cleaned, ironed, folded and ready to wear means you are not having to spend time doing it yourself. Most companies also offer pick-up and delivery services so you can have your freshly laundered clothes dropped off right at your front door saving you a lot of time in the process.

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